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Chandigarh University jumps places in NIRF Rankings 2022; Enters the League of Top 30 Universities in India 


The youngest university to make the best QS World Rankings debut, Chandigarh University has once again performed significantly well in the recently released NIRF rankings. The NIRF Rankings for 2022 were released by the Ministry of Education (Government of India) and Chandigarh University, along with its various disciplines, showcased consistent improvement and climbed up the ladder. 


What is NIRF?


A methodology outlined by GOI’s Ministry of Education and approved by the MHRD, NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) ranks higher educational institutions in the country on the basis of several parameters including an institution's Graduation Outcomes, Research & Professional Practices, Teaching, Learning & Resources, Outreach and Inclusivity, Perception and other areas of operation. 


NIRF Ranking of Chandigarh University

The NIRF Rankings are crucial in the higher education ecosystem for multiple reasons. First of all, it helps the students recognize the credibility of an institute while ensuring that HEIs are consistently working to improve their standing. Also, it ensures that there is no complacency in the institutes you are applying for. 


The rankings are announced annually, and the institutions are ranked under 11 different categories, which are as follows: 

  • Overall 
  • University 
  • Colleges 
  • Engineering 
  • Management 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Law 
  • Medical 
  • Architecture 
  • Dental 
  • Research


The ranking is to each of the above categories as per the set of metrics developed by NIRF. 


Chandigarh University NIRF Rankings 2022 


Chandigarh University has moved up the NIRF Rankings and has entered the league of Top 30 universities in the country. As per the NIRF Rankings 2022, Chandigarh University now ranks #29 among top universities across the country. Apart from the overall rankings, the university has also showcased improvement in each discipline. The individual NIRF rankings received by Chandigarh University this year are here under: 


  • #40 in Management - Region’s top-ranked Management institute, CU’s University School of Business has again ascended the rankings. USB (CU) now ranks #40 among the Top Institutes for Management. Apart from the improvement in overall rankings, USB also improved its overall score to 53.23. Categorically, the institute performed outstandingly well in Teaching, Learning & Resources (75.92); Graduation Outcome (67.01); and Outreach & Inclusivity (83.16). 
  • #45 in Engineering - Engineering is another of disciplines where CU has shown consistent growth in rankings and performance. Moving up from #61 in 2021, CU’s University Institute of Engineering has secured a place among the Top 50 Engineering Institutes in the country. CU’s Engineering division now ranks #45 among top Engineering Institutions in the country. With an overall score of 51.73, the university stood out in Teaching, Learning & Resources (75.92) and Outreach & Inclusivity (79.48). 
  • #19 in Architecture - North India’s best college for Architecture, Chandigarh University has maintained its place among the country's top 20 Architecture institutions. As per NIRF Rankings 2022, CU’s Architecture Division ranks #19 among the top Architecture institutes in the country. It secured an overall score of 54.49 with significant scores in Teaching, Learning & Resources (71.22); Graduation Outcome (71.05); and Outreach & Inclusivity (76.01). 
  • #37 in Pharmacy - The best university for Pharmacy in North India, Chandigarh University has once again jumped places in its NIRF Rankings for Pharmacy institutes and made its entry among the Top 40 Pharmacy Institutes in India. The Pharmacy division of Chandigarh University now ranks #37 with an overall score of 50.43. The division has done remarkably well in Teaching, Learning & Resources (77.04); Graduation Outcome (52.45); and Outreach & Inclusivity (77.85). 
  • #29 University - Chandigarh University has entered the league of Top 30 Universities in the country and has been ranked #29. Along with various other aspects, the rankings have been awarded on the basis of consistent initiatives in enhancing the framework & quality of higher education with excellent placements, student-centric programs and national & international teaching fraternity. The overall score stood at 51.85. 


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