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Friday, 18 October 2019

CU visited Chang Jung Christian University in Taiwan

The faculty members from Chandigarh University’s University Institute of Biotechnologyvisited Chang Jung Christian University in Taiwan under the faculty Exchange programme. Dr. Nikita Goswami and Ms. Nishu Khurana from UIB visited the partner school where they exchanged ideas regarding the related departments such as the College of Health Sciences, the International College of Practice and Education for the Environment, and the School of Safety and Health Sciences.  

The visiting faculty from CU was received with a welcome meet at the Office of International Affairs, after which they were invited to lecture on topics such Indian plant cultivation technology and bio-oil production. The visitors provided valuable insights during their lecture, attended by Dozens of teachers and numerous students.

Taking the faculty exchange programme forward, Dr. Nikita and Ms. Nishu also observed Chang Jung Christian University’s English-taught courses such as biotechnology and chemistry experiments, and environmental and ecological education. They also visited the International Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Eco-Center and the Occupation, Environment and Food Safety Research Center, and participated in hands-on activities organized by the Extracurricular Activities Division.

Furthermore, according to the President of Chang Jung Christian University, Yung-Lung Lee, with subsidy from the Ministry of Education’s Pilot Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) for Indian Young Scholars, Chandigarh University sent 8 Indian college students for one month of Chinese Language Study at the invitation of the University, where they also experienced various special courses offered by the University. President Lee believed that this faculty visit was an extension of that previous visit.

Michelle Li, Dean of International Affairs, while speaking on the same matter remarked that through a series of intensive academic and event arrangements, the international friendship between the University and Chandigarh University could be strengthened, and the academic and research capabilities of the University could be enhanced.

Chandigarh University, Gharuan has partnered with over 200 top universities worldwide. Also, this faculty exchange programme saw future possible collaborative projects between the University Institute of Biotechnology, Chandigarh University and Chang Jung Christian University being explored.

Success Story CU Student Manager in Reliance Industries Limited

Success Story of Hitesh Kharyal
Mechanical Engineer from Chandigarh University and Manager in Reliance Industries Limited.

It was always doubtful to choose from a number of colleges, but destiny is already written. Chandigarh University, an institute I joined keeping in mind a number of things necessary for my growth. I took admission in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Chandigarh University in the 2014-18 batch. Since I am an alumnus now, so I can say it with honor and pride that I have graduated from Chandigarh University. With a feeling that I would be able to achieve my goals, my time at the varsity went in a flash. The 4 crucial years of my life, spent at CU, were the most memorable, be studies or lifestyle, I really enjoyed each part of it.
Chandigarh University always used to say that they emphasized on the growth according to the industrial demand. These words came true when after my graduation, I got a lucrative job as Business Development Executive at BYJU’S through CU’s placement drive and I realized that things in the corporate were already known to me. The platforms that were provided to us were unique and if one focuses on their targets, they could connect the opportunities to themselves.
After beginning corporate life at BYJU'S, I am presently working in the capacity of Manager at Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar and would love to give whole credit to my Chandigarh University. The curriculum of CU has been structured systematically, aptly matching the industry standards. I am always thankful to the faculty of the university whose proper guidance, direction, motivation have made me a successful professional.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

MBA Alumni Success Story

Chandigarh University is a platform to learn and sharpen the skills for competing in foreign Environment. 

By studying from CU, I understood the importance of acquiring Knowledge about top Universities and their curriculum and getting myself ready to face the world and enter the arena of top universities.  I started my journey in Chandigarh university by taking admission in MBA program in 2016. With all the skills acquired I am currently working as Solution Advisor (Consultant) in top most company i.e  Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory at Hyderabad. I would recommend anyone and everyone who has a dream to reach unknown heights and most importantly have the courage to dream BIG. If I can anyone can.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Celebrating Campus Placements Batch 2020

Celebrating #CampusPlacements #Batch2020

2000 #JobOffers in Just 2 Months!

While other Universities are still thinking about placements, Chandigarh University has already taken a lead and set Remarkable #PlacementRecords for Batch 2020. With the whooping highest package of 30.25 LPA & 2000 job offers in just 2 months, CU has created an unbeatable lead by placing its students in #TopMNCs & #Fortune500Companies. Setting such trends, CU is continuing its dominance in campus placements year after year.

Friday, 20 September 2019

BCA Alumni Success Story

Failure is not the alternative to success. It’s something to be avoided, but it’s also only a temporary setback on a bigger, more significant course. Everybody encounters failure at one point or another. What truly matters is how you react to and learn from that failure.

That’s how this quote depicts my voyage to Deloitte. It all started from class X. It was a kind of failure to me then, getting horrendous grades was bizarre. I was devastated. Then the dilemma to choose the right career path flashed the very idea of changing stream that gave me a kick-off start. Took commerce in class XI, comprehending business and my efficiency with numbers added to my confidence which provoked me to opt commerce. Yet, the very confusion did not succumb and hence followed me till I finally decided to do BCA from Chandigarh University.

The passion for computers made me to hop from numbers to systems. I did not follow the conventional career path, say, doing, BBA, CA as I was a commerce guy in +2. My love for computers took off when I did certain certifications in languages like C and C++ before even entering college. I got enrolled in Chandigarh University and there I started learning new technologies. I attended several workshops conducted by University Institute of Computing (UIC) of CU. Some include Cyber Security, Android, Cloud computing and many more. My curiosity for cybersecurity made me get intensive training in this domain. Became (Certified Information Security Expert) C.I.S.E. To achieve this, I had to undergo a very hectic schedule, like post-college I used to attend evening training sessions (for about 6-7 months). Besides studying, I was a proactive student involved in various events like coordinated various Hackathons, organized lot of events. Highly supportive faculty of CU motivated me to try things out of the box. They were very helpful during my final year projects.

Then the most awaited period of my 3-year degree came when the placement season started. DELOITTE was the first one. I got it in one go. Bingo! Hence, the entire Chandigarh University journey helped to frame my personality and holds biggest credits to make me who I am today and still holding on to it.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Alumni Success Story MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management

# Alumni Success Story
#Dreamer # Achiever # Winner

One more Success story chapter scripted at Chandigarh University when Ajay Singh Thakur from Jammu and Kashmir, enrolled in MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management Program at University Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management to pursue his post-graduation in the year 2017-2019. 

During the course, he got many opportunities to learn and grow, a great platform of activities participation which raises his career prospects. He got the chance to work with world-famous automobile companies - Mercedes Benz & India's premium brands Maruti, FORD India, Club Mahindra. Due to all such exposure, Ajay gained some better work experience and recently started own Event Management company in partnership with his friend. It deals and co-ordinates various event activities across the tri-city throughout the year. e.g. product branding, launch and promotions, weddings, corporate conferences, meetings, parties, anniversaries, awards ceremony etc. Under his leadership capacity and management style successfully managing a team of professionals, running the business and expanding its operations manifolds.  Earning a good turnover annually.  

Although, at an initial level faced several challenges but with his vision, confidence, passion and dedicated efforts to assigned task overcome them soon brilliantly.
 Ajay’s work and firm’s presence getting recognition by event management industry, competitors and clients in the area. Even had tie-up with some leading brands like Airtel and Aditya Birla group to organize their events.

“ I thank  Chandigarh University to provide me opportunities to learn and grow as a result of which I could fulfill my dreams and achieved my goal .”
-Ajay Singh Thakur, CU Alumni

Monday, 9 September 2019

Alumni Success Story Chemical Engineering

Success story as narrated by Durgesh Singh himself:

When I passed 10+2 examination, then I was searching for a very reputed University which could shape and design my career as a successful Chemical Engineer. I was guided by some of my friends that Chandigarh University is the perfect launchpad for glorious careers in diversified disciplines and is recognised for teaching excellence.  It is providing career focussed degrees program in a various discipline which is an ideal blend of theoretical learning and practical experience. I was told that I can fulfill my dreams by studying in Chandigarh University. Accordingly, based on this feedback, I took admission in Chandigarh University in Bachelor of Engineering with specialization in Chemical Engineering in 2014. While studying at this University, I found that this University has the best record of placement of its students where top organizations of our country come to the University Campus for recruitment of its students in their organization by offering high salaries accompanied with other good incentives.
On the completion of graduation, I was selected by a very reputed company Hero Cycles which has its presence in the market in India and abroad. Currently I am working in Electroplating Department of Hero Cycles Ltd as a Chemical Process Engineer  and getting very good salary. Thus on joining this organization i. e. Hero Cycles Ltd, I realized that the feedback given to me by my friends for studying in Chandigarh University has proved genuine and true as a result of which I could fulfill my dreams and achieved my goal of becoming a Chemical Engineer and getting a very respectable job in a high profile company.
 I just want to say thank you to the faculty and all other staff of Chandigarh University. I feel that this University has given me an opportunity I would never have otherwise had, and has enabled me to feel that I’ve got a career, a future, given me self-respect, given me self-confidence - it’s just changed everything. It’s the beginning of something new. It’s the beginning of the rest of my life.