Sunday, 10 July 2016

Chandigarh University Celebrating Its 5th Foundation Day

Celebrating our 5th ‪‎Foundation‬ ‪‎Day‬

Building ‪‎careers‬ every year, transforming lives every day!

Seeking the blessing of almighty ‪‎Chandigarh‬ ‪‎University‬ celebrates its 5th foundation day at the ‪‎campus‬. On the occasion ‪‎Shri‬ ‪‎Akhand‬ ‪‎Path‬ ‪‎Sahib‬ was organized which concluded on 10th July. All students, faculty members and staff joined together on the occasion of the beginning of the new ‪‎academic‬ session.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016


India’s banking sector is sufficiently capitalised and well-regulated. The financial and economic conditions in the country are far superior to any other country in the world. With 26 public sector banks, 25 private sector banks, 43 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1,589 urban cooperative banks and 93,550 rural cooperative banks, in addition to cooperative credit institutions, Indian market is on a steady growth chart. Over the next decade, the banking sector is projected to create up to two million new jobs, driven by the efforts of the RBI and the Government of India to integrate financial services into rural areas. Also, with the technological outburst, the traditional way of operations have given way to modern technology thus adding to the growth of this sector..

At ChandigarhUniversity we are tapping the potential of this growing sector, thus bringing in everything required to train our students to build a successful career in MBA in Banking & Financial Engineering. Chandigarh University in Collaboration with ICICI Center for financial learning, Finitiatives Learning India Pvt. Ltd (FLIP) – Education partner of Finacle from Infosys and Tally Education is offering a specialization course in Banking & Financial Engineering preparing you with relevant insights from the industries. The main aim of our full-time MBA is to introduce a much stronger practical emphasis focussing on the strategies and financial management of financial firms. This unique program brings in practical insight and skills in a range of strategic and management areas in financial services. We invite practitioners to share their views and industry experiences. Case studies and contemporary issues figure highly in the programme to train our students with practical scenario and to make them industry ready.
Our success can be mapped when we build successful careers by attracting top companies to CU who offered best jobs with lucrative packages to our skilled ready to be professionals. TOP 17 companies from banking and Financial sector like, ICICI, HDFC, J&K BANK, offered placements with attractive packages. Build your career with us because when its Chandigarh University, then success in not far away!

Students will get hands on training from highly experienced professionals from the above mentioned corporate houses, followed by live projects and internships and possible job opportunities after the completion of the course. These students will be readily employable by MNCs and leading domestic banks, NBFCs and insurance companies.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Highest pkg. 12 lacs with Walt Disney

At Chandigarh University’s University Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (UITHM), we are focused to build up essential excellence. Our degree is based on the philosophy that a commitment to excellence, and the finest education and training are essential for those seeking the most sought after management positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

Hotel Managementand tourism is a degree that encapsulates fine balance of technology, creativity and management. Hospitality and tourism subjects offer exciting and diverse opportunities, both during and after study. Hotel Management & Tourism degree teaches technical skills for your chosen industry - and will usually include some practical work experience - along with general skills such as organisation, problem-solving, communication, leadership and team work. It’s not all about chefs and waiters - graduates in hospitality and tourism subjects can enjoy fun, international and rewarding careers in many areas such as hotels, events management, travel, sport, transportation and retail, amongst many others. This industry is ever growing and opting for careers in this field is becoming increasingly popular, with a huge number of different courses and qualifications now available.

Why Study at Chandigarh University?

At Chandigarh University we bridge the divide between the industry and students, connecting them for their smooth transition into the professional world. We are the only institute in North India to collaborate with the best hotel industries bringing the most sought after practical experience to our students. UITHM is home to best-in class professionals, hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who are groomed in accord with the latest trends in the sector with highly specialised learning facilitators and state-of-the-art facilities.

We at CU not only aim at providing the best educational experience but also in transforming the virtual dreams into virtual reality.  We are ranked 44th among Top Hotel Management Institutes (Pan India in Both Govt. & Pvt. Colleges). We are also ranked 25th among Top Pvt. Hotel Management Institutes (Pan India).With our record placements of 4690 we have scaled our benchmarks to build careers. With the record placement pkg. of 12 lacs with Walt Disney we inspire students to aspire high. More than 8 Top Five star hotels are associated with Chandigarh University to teach the students the best industry skills and practical experience. Not only this we are the 1st University in Northern India to forge 100 + International partnerships opening doors to global opportunities for students.

Come and join this league of Global Placements, Global Experience and Global Career only at Chandigarh University!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Placements at Chandigarh University

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” William J Bryan

The Placement Records at ChandigarhUniversity has been most remarkable with the global economy turning around and companies aiming to increase headcount. With our consistent efforts the placement scenario at CU grounds, go from better to best. Multiple offers, big jumps in salaries and TOP companies were the norm on CU campus. Inclusivity and accessibility to the BEST, here on Chandigarh University campus builds the confidence and knowledge to tap any career opportunity. At CU our task does not end only by providing you the best education but also to make sure that your choicest dream career is made a reality.

With our consistent efforts we have attracted TOP MNC’s around to global to tap the talent of Chandigarh University. Our Journey till now has been a career building one, achieving milestone where 425 TOP Companies offered 4690 Placements with HIGHEST Package. of 22.5 Lacs offered by AMAZON.  Securing 1600 Placements in Top MNC’s like  COGNIZANT, TECH MAHINDRA, GOOGLE, LARSEN & TURBO, Hewlett Packard, Accenture, HDFC etc in a Single Day was a massive achievement for us. When on the first day of our placements we achieve such massive results, we strongly feel that we have not only achieved what we initiated but also created a history. Breaking the record and carving new niche, at CU we not only provide a platform for students to grow and learn from the best but also to get placed with the best & TOP MNC’s of the world.  The placement training which forms the integral part of the academics at Chandigarh University is to ascertain that our students career syncs well with Industry requirements. The recruitment of CU’s 573 students by India’s Top ranked IT Company WIPRO has become the North India’s largest number of selections by any company during campus placements.

Our consistent efforts and the zeal to bring forth the best education and skills make us reap our benefits when our students get placed with record packages and with their dream companies. 10 leading Industry giants in different fields namely  from the list of Top 100 MNCs of the world choose Chandigarh University as their preferred University to recruit skilled and industry ready students. In every field we try to bring to tap the best opportunities for our students.  8+ FIVE STAR Hotels visited Chandigarh University for campus placements of Tourism and Hospitality students. More than 27 hotels visited Chandigarh University for Hotel and Hospitality Management and offered a highest package of 12 lacs per annum. 175 Companies visited for recruitments for CSE/IT/CCE, 41 for Civil Engineering,  52 Companies  for Mechanical Engineering, 68 Companies for MCA and so on and so forth.  

WE at Chandigarh University work every bit to make our students the most sought after talent pool by the Industries by making them industry ready because we make our students dreams our own. WE make every successful effort for smooth transition our students into their choicest professional world.


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

100+ Global Universities Partnerships


100 + InternationalCollaborations – ONLY UNIVERSITY IN NORTHERN INDIA!

International partnerships are not any tactic of internationalization at CU, but rather our core driving philosophy. Following it ardently and bridging the geographical divide, we at CU have achieved a great landmark by associating with more than 100 top International universities bringing our students the opportunity to study with top universities of the world and embrace multifaceted and dynamic landscape of new ideas and global moves.

It is indeed a very big leap that we at Chandigarh University have achieved. Bringing students on a global platform and rendering them credibility goes a long way for a productive mindset and a successful career. At Chandigarh University with a futuristic approach we went far beyond the conventional ways and built strategic partnerships to merge the discovery-driven culture of the Chandigarh University with the innovation-driven mindset of the International universities. These partnerships also aim to overcome cultural and communications divide that tends to impair students global movement and undercut their potential, thus instilling in them the skills required to embrace global opportunities and internal markets.

Whether its Top QS ranked university, oldest universities of the world or top research universities we have brought in a lot to offer at global scale. Centres of higher education have been around for hundreds of years, but all do not with stand the test of time. Chandigarh University has taken a big leap by collaborating with some of the longstanding and oldest universities of the world which are significant not only for their historic legacies but also for proving their ability to adapt to modern context and infuse their experience and modernity for providing an enriched education experience. CU’s collaborations with such universities like University Of Salamanca, Spain; University of Florence , Italy & Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany brings forth an experience enriched with diversity, legacy, modernity and strong credibility.

To tap strong markets like USA, Canada Australia etc, we have bridged the geographical and cultural divide by associating with top universities of these ever growing and developed economies. Opening doors to these markets our partnership programs support educational mobility and facilitate seamless acceptance of academic credit of Indian students. Our exchange programs offer a head start to students to learn about these countries and economies and learn from the best to contribute, grow and evolve in the best of international opportunities.

Also by forging alliances with the world top QS ranked Universities like McGill University, Montreal, Canada; University of Illinois Chicago; Florida State University, USA  and many more we bring the best of the world to our students. Learning in unison with these top universities students get the unique opportunity to broaden their mind set and horizons and develop their personality as individuals. Studying with the best universities provides an opportunity to expand one's field of view and helps one to understand and analyze problems and phenomena from a longer-term, worldwide perspective. All this contributes in building their competitiveness in today’s era of globalization.

Different countries are especially well-known as leaders in a particular field of research and development, or a particular strand of education. Germany is synonymous with advances in engineering technology, the US with top business and management programs such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford (to name but a few), Australia screams art and design and sport, and Canada has its world-renowned ‘co-op programs’. Looking at these aspects we have left no stone unturned to build our network and bring on board top universities from these countries offering the best practices in different specific streams of education. Whether its arts, science, engineering, management or research we bring learning through exchange opportunities for our students to give their education a global credibility.

Not only this we also bring the opportunity to indulge in world hopping, experiencing different cultures, meeting different people and diversity and also a chance to learn new languages which is indeed an asset to make  a strong global footing.

Chandigarh University is the only University in Northern India to who is at the forefront of pioneering such strategic partnerships. WE at Chandigarh University are committed to make your global dreams a reality. With more than 100 partners dotted around the globe, we build a strong global network to enable students and staff to enhance their knowledge, skills and credibility. With international exchange programs, semester abroad programs, cultural and research exchange we help you build up a global mindset to tap global opportunities.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

In depths of Automobile Engineering

In depths of Automobile Engineering

For those who are looking at automobile engineering as your career path, we bring an in depth scenario with the future opportunities in the AUTOMOBILE WORLD. Let’s have a look at the current market scenario and its growing scope in the near future!
Automobile engineering is an ever growing branch of engineering, such that, it provides a platform for the engineers to explore new horizons and areas. This growth of automobile engineering is on the peak of adding more features to this field. India is on the verge of expansion in this sector and it is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers in development and production of two and three wheelers along with making a strong footing with four wheelers and has become globally recognised by foreign countries.

KEY HIGHLIGHTS of India Automobile Industry

·          7TH  largest producer in the world with an average annual production of 23.36 Million vehicles
·         3RD  largest automotive market by volume, by 2016
·         4   large auto manufacturing hubs across the country
·         7.1% of the country’s GDP by volume
·         Six Million-plus vehicles to be sold annually, by 2020
·         Electric Cars to become a sizeable market
The emergence of large automotive clusters in the country: Delhi - Gurgaon-Faridabad in the north, Mumbai-Pune-Nashik-Aurangabad in the west, Chennai-Bengaluru-Hosur in the south and Jamshedpur-Kolkata in the east, is giving a big impetus to this industry. Also, Global car majors have been ramping up investments in India to cater to growing domestic demand. These manufacturers plan to leverage India’s competitive advantage to set up export-oriented production hubs. Not only in the manufacturing, Government is also giving strong support is setting up Research and Development hubs in India. Indian companies are strengthening their global outreach and Tata Nano is a sterling example of Indian frugal engineering and is being positioned as a mobiliser of the young generation.

About Automobile Engineering

While studying Automobile Engineering, You’ll be prepared to work with innovative technologies in many different applications, including intelligent machines, micro-machines, smart devices, control systems for consumer products, etc. You’ll find opportunities in companies that design and manufacture machines such as motor vehicles, as well as in companies that specialise in industrial machines for agriculture, mining and manufacturing. You’ll also find opportunities in mechanical, electrical or computer engineering companies and high technology companies automation and instrumentation. The automobile is as important today as ever – and with that comes new and more increasing demands: most notably those concerning alternative fuels and the impact of automobiles on the environment.

Automobile Engineering at Chandigarh University

At CU, the program blends intense technical study and creation of strong engineering science-based skills with an emphasis on leadership and other business acumen needed to thrive in a global economy. The hands-on, holistic approach ensures that graduates move seamlessly into employment within the automotive industry or academia.

Key Highlights of Automobile Engineering at CU

Design Based Learning
At CU learning is through practical experience. Project-Oriented Design Based Learning (PODBL) in collaboration with industry is a key feature of Automobile Engineering at CU. Beginning in the first trimester of study and continuing throughout your degree, you will have opportunities to work independently and in groups, to actively develop ideas with thorough understanding and design products that will satisfy industry client needs.
Research Led
Studying automobile engineering at CU is different as it is research led, rather than simply research informed. Learn from world-class researchers from around the globe to give your degree an innovative and global perspective
Practical Industry Based Learning
Students can experience the workplace throughout their course of study. You may choose subjects which take you into the field, place you in industry or offer internships. You will get the opportunity to incorporate this learning in practical experience by designing your own ideas.
World-Class facilities
As a CU Automobile engineering student you will have access to recently refurbished, fully-equipped laboratories and cutting-edge computer-aided software that is used in modern industrial workplaces. Accessible lecturers help you get the most out of your university education and provide a friendly learning environment.
Industry-ready graduates
We focus on the employability of our graduates and the future needs of industry. We aim for our graduates to be well-rounded engineers with significant exposure to professional engineering practices and able to meet future challenges caused by climate change and sustainability issues.

Tech Fests
At CU you will get a lot of opportunities to test your designed machinery at various competitive levels to showcase your skills and also to learn and explore more. We encourage you to participate at various national and international levels and learn to survive in the cut throat competition you will experience in the professional world.

With this and a lot more Chandigarh University aims to make you skilled and best automobile engineer to take on this engineering world and make your own mark.

Monday, 16 May 2016



FOCUS is under siege more than it has ever been in human history, we have more distractions than ever before, we need to be more focused on cultivating the skills of attention.

Do you feel when you are sitting in your classroom and the lecture is going on that your mind is somewhere else? You are physically present in the classroom but your mind is travelling elsewhere and losing your focus on where it should be. Are you disoriented in life and unable to take decisions? Well, we live in the world of distractions today and to create a focus in life seems to be like climbing a mountain. But eventually we have to climb it to rule our distractions.

The first question is to find out why are you so unfocussed in life?

1. Are you using your cell phones more than you should?
2. Are you more extra active on social media?
3. Are you eating well?
4. Are you exercising?
5. Are your friends distracting you?

Well, reasons can be many but you need to find the cause and rectify it before this crucial age takes a different turn. Cell phones are considered culprits and are the biggest distractions. A survey showed that over 70% of students silently use cell phones in classrooms. The lure of social media has taken a toll on many. With junk food on the spree a lot of you are not eating well and with lazy routines you are not even exercising and keeping yourself fit. And those of you who have a little focus are not in the right company or can’t take the peer pressure.

We are all born with same brain like that of Albert Einstein, Aryabhata, Shakespeare etc. but it’s on us how much and where all we use it. If you are losing your focus in life for some petty things that gives short lived enjoyment, which is just a very bad bargain. Being a student you are in a very crucial age of your life and you are setting up your base which needs to be strong and focused.  The way you live your life, from the career you choose all the way down to the food you eat, should fit within your values and beliefs, purpose and priorities. Being Focused and Serious in life does not mean you are UNCOOL, it’s more so an understanding that when you are studying you are just studying and nothing else and when you are playing you are just playing, nothing else. It’s in fact a more cool way to look at life. You need to be right in the very moment to live it, enjoy it, give your best and reap the best. 

Exercise and keep yourself fit not just for good looks but also for stress- free mind. Eat a healthy diet to keep your mind & body healthy.  Friends are a very important part of life but then wise men say choose your friends correctly. Those who distract you and do not add anything to your life, you need to stay away from them and choose healthy friendships that will encourage you to grow in life. 

Also an important factor is that Digital boom has changed our lives. It’s good to stay active on social media and search things on internet but you need to draw a line and don’t let it distract you from your main aim in life. Social Media will just stay there but this time of yours will never come back. So take the best from everything you have and create an aim and focus in life.

Last but not the least, increase your concentration by meditating. It’s a great way to help kill the distractions and strengthen mind to take a leap and stay focussed.
Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can improve our ability to sustain attention. The ability to concentrate on our breathing for long periods of time transfers over to other pursuits. If we can focus on a subtle object like our breath for 20 minutes, think how easy it will be to focus on sports, studies, work, or anything else for that matter.