Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Success Story of Prominent Alumni and Successful Entrepreneur

Chandigarh University is not a place for people who want to enjoy college life; it is a place for people who have dreams to achieve something big, something that is not accessible to everyone.

In my view, Chandigarh University is a wonderful platform for young aspirants. By taking admission in Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication at Chandigarh University, I felt I will be able to achieve my dreams. It provided me with the necessary and sufficient training which made me more prepared for my future career. After completing my bachelor's in journalism from Baramulla college I joined Chandigarh university for my masters in journalism and mass communication there I learned what journalism is actually. Once I passed out from the university I was all aware of the media and the management. I planned to start my own channel, hence launched -- Kashmir Now News Channel and now i am the successful entrepreneur and managed to provide new job opportunities among Journalism students. Currently, 25 Journalists/ reporters are working with me from different parts of the Jammu and Kashmir.

I am a product of CU, are You?
Think of Journalism.  Think CU..


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