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When we talk of "DIWALI", the first thing that comes to our mind is light, crackers, fun and joy with family and friends. But, the biggest thing (in fact evil) ignored by everyone is "POLLUTION." Chandigarh University requests you all to show that-- "YOU REALLY CARE." Let us all celebrate Green Diwali and fill our homes with Lights and Prayers, instead of with Fumes and Crackers.

Smart Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali

The festival of lights - Diwali - celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Celebrate this Diwali by keeping in mind an important cause of saving our universe.  So instead of polluting the atmosphere with fireworks, let’s celebrate a safe and environment friendly 'Green Diwali'.

Opt for Diyas instead of Electric Lights
Do not use electric lights to brighten your home. Instead, choose for diyas and candles. Electric lights consume a vast amount of power and the effects of it will be felt in the long run. Otherwise use LED lights as they use 80% lesser electricity than the regular ones.

Cut Down on Crackers 
Although Eco-friendly crackers have hit the Indian market big time and are certainly less polluting than others, this Diwali give the fireworks a complete miss with other fun options.

Use Natural Colours
In previous times, rangolis were made to feed the birds. This Diwali, celebrate this Diwali by making your rangoli with spices and other food items.

For Example:-

Use rice powder for white colour.
Use Pulses or turmeric for Yellow colour.
Use Cloves or cinnamon for Brown colour.
Use Cardamom or fennel for Green colour.
Use Dried chilly or even kumkum for Red colour.

Use Natural Flowers
Express your nature love this Diwali by investing in natural flowers instead of artificial ones. Natural flowers add a freshness to the surroundings with their fragrance.

Personalize your Gifts
Choose environment-friendly and healthy herbal gifts items this Diwali for gift options. You can choose from hand-made candles, lampshades, organic gift-baskets, gourmet coffees etc.

Reutilize your Old Stuff
Diwali is to give away your old stuff like clothes, shoes, etc to the less privileged ones. Rather than letting your old items sit idle, have them donate.

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