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Top 6 Technical Skills That You Need To Know

The use of technology is not restricted to any particular field. In this techno savvy era, lifestyle and technology goes hand-in-hand. Technology is an area that never retains as innovative brains keeps on introducing new and competent technologies that makes the mastered technology of previous year outdated.

According to Research in Labor Economics, the technology decays at a rate of 30% per year making nearly one-third of last year's technology related knowledge irrelevant.

Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about-- as we have a solution for you. Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends will help you survive the extremely booming world of technology. ChandigarhUniversity has gathered top six technical skills that every IT graduate need to know -

Coding is the basic and prime skill for IT graduate that is in demand worldwide. The vast growth of technology has made the need of coding as important as other basic forms of literacy like reading, writing etc.

Big data
According to a survey by Forbes, big data will continue to escalate, as a part of the rise of the Internet of Things is pending. Computerization in all fields has resulted in ever-larger volumes of data and it is vital to know that how to collect and analyze that data.

According to TechRadar, 2015 will be the year of cloud, which will make it "new normal." Mark Barrenechea, CEO of OpenText writes that through digitization of information-intensive processes, the costs can be slashed by 90 percent. He also predicts that by end of year, "A world of hybrid deployments in which some information and applications reside in the cloud and the remainder resides on-premise."

Six Dimensions states that, "If you don't have a mobile strategy, you don't have a future strategy." This statement has never been truer than in 2015 as increasing number of companies will definitely learn how to mobilize their revenue-generating processes, mentioned by The Guardian. According to Forbes, "2015 is also the year that we will hit critical mass with the fusion of mobile and cloud computing."

The above statements apparently imply that centrally coordinated apps will be serviceable on numerous devices.

Data Visualization
Data continues to multiply, which means that the message that we wish to communicate online must discover an increasingly innovative ways to break through such hindrances. Data visualization is an illustrative way that involves visual representation of the data to determine new information and breakthroughs as well. Opportunely, you don't have to be an expert to create compelling infographics.

UX Design Skills
User experience (UX) designers believe to improve the end user's ease of use and their experience of interfacing with a system. Jacob Gube states, "The more complex the system, the more involved will the planning and architecture have to be for it."

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