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LLM - Overview 

LLM is a Latin term which means Legum Magister. Also, it is known as a Master's in Law or a postgraduate course pursued after LLB, which is known as Bachelor in Law or any coequal degree including any academic law or professional degree. Moreover, a Master's degree in Law is affiliated and recognized by all national and international law firms.

Therefore, if you want to dive deep into the rules and regulations of the Law set by the constitution, then, first of all, you need to pursue LLM, and after that, you should enroll yourself in a Master of Law degree. Besides, in the advanced study of Law, you explore your area of interest via numerous specializations that the institution you choose to pursue your Master's provides. 

Picking a specialization is a big cheese as your career is directly proportional to the field you choose to pursue your Master of Law degree. Furthermore, the LLM degree offers various specializations, such as Civil Law, Tax Law, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, International Law, Labor Law, Intellectual Property Law, Mergers and Acquisition Law, and much more. 

Masters of Law (LLM) Abroad 

Presently, many students prefer to move to a foreign country to complete their study of LLM. However, in India, some top universities, like Chandigarh University, allow their students to 'Go Global' under their study abroad programs or International Summer Programs, especially for the students who do not want to complete their complete degree at a foreign university. 

No doubt, if you complete your LLM from an International University under a study abroad program, it can help you grab more opportunities. So if you are planning to pursue LLM and looking for the best law college in India, your search is over. Chandigarh University is one of the best LLM colleges in India as it stands tall in terms of ranking, education curriculum, infrastructure, placements, and much more. 

Is Chandigarh University Best for LLM?

The University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) department of Chandigarh University imparts legal education with a judicious mix of theoretical and practical components. 

Along with high-quality infrastructure, Chandigarh University holds first-grade teaching faculty to provide its students with a vibrant, contemporary, and intellectually stimulating curriculum that meets global education standards to help them succeed in their desired path. 

However, other key features that make UILS a trusted law school in the region are:

  1. Curriculum mapped with prestigious National & International Universities.
  2. Extensive Exposure through Court Visits, Jail Visits, Police Station Visits, etc.
  3. Periodic brainstorming sessions by the best Judicial Fraternity for wider know-how of the field.
  4. In-house preparation for judicial & other competitive exams.
  5. Experiential Learning through Clinical programs and Moot Courts.
  6. Study Abroad Programmes/International Student Exchange Programmes.
  7. Exposure via Industry Visits, Guest Interactions, and Corporate Mentoring.
  8. A plethora of Placement Opportunities. 
  9. LLM Colleges in India: Eligibility Criteria

To pursue LLM at Chandigarh University, the candidate has to pass the CUCET examination. Moreover, if a candidate wants to pursue LLM from Chandigarh University, he must have a recognized Bachelor's Degree in Law (LLB) with at least 50% marks from a recognized Board/University.

Scholarships Opportunities At Chandigarh University

CUCET - 2022 rewards your academic brilliance with global opportunities & extraordinary assistance with Scholarships worth Rs. 45 Crores.

Admission Process At Chandigarh University 

CUCET is the name of the examination test conducted by Chandigarh University, which the students have to pass to prove their eligibility for admission. In layman's language, to get admission to Chandigarh University, the candidate must clear the CUCET entrance examination with at least 50% marks in graduation. 

Final Words 

Do you want to get training and acquire the specialist in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience needed for a long and prosperous career in one area of Law? On the other hand, do you want to prepare yourself for an international career in Law? If yes, you can pursue an LLM degree from Chandigarh University, the best master of law college in India. 

No doubt, holding an LLM from a top university could significantly lift your earning potential as well as your chances of getting that fabulous promotion or job offer from a top firm once you are more settled. Therefore, if you want to pursue an LLM degree to aim for the big bucks, feel free to knock on the door of Chandigarh University.

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