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According to Forbes, the field of a masters degree in Engineering is expected to grow anywhere between 7 to 29%. Although, there will be a lot of people with an undergraduate degree in engineering, however, people with an advanced degree like a Master's in Engineering tend to have better job prospects.

A Masters degree is an eye-opener and has become the most preferred choice of engineering aspirants. You delve deeper into theoretical and put your theory into practice. Those with bachelor's degrees just don't get that kind of experience or have limited exposure to things which isn’t the case with a master's degree.

The choice of university has a significant impact on your master’s career. You need a university that prepares you for corporate right from the start and helps you gain a competitive edge over others. Chandigarh University is the fastest growing university that offers you the right guidance, helps manage time pressure during the course and helps you succeed in that area. Still, thinking? Below are some compelling reasons to pursue masters in engineering from Chandigarh University:


NAAC A+ Accredited University

NAAC accreditation is a way to assess the performance of the institutes on parameters such as quality, research, teaching & learning, and infrastructure. NAAC degree has now become mandatory for institutes and colleges. The higher the grade the better the quality and infrastructure provided by the university. The university has fulfilled various parameters and has now become the only university that is accredited with an A+ grade by NAAC which makes the degree globally acceptable. Also, the university is among the top 5% of universities of India.

Research Intensive Environment

At par with international standards and research-oriented course curriculum and research work followed by industry internship and research work. Chandigarh University offers a research-intensive environment that enhances your knowledge and get exposure outside the classroom. During the course, you get the opportunity to collaborate with world-class researchers and showcase your ideas to the world. Who knows you could be the next Nikola Tesla? The university has 50 research centers and is ranked number one for filing the highest number of patents.

Gain a global perspective with International Tie-Ups

CU has formed strategic alliances with 312+ universities across 65 countries. An international degree helps you gain a global perspective and widen your career prospects in the near future. We have not only collaborated with popular study abroad countries like the USA and Australia but have tie-ups with universities based in Italy, Canada, France. OIA(Office of International Relations) has turned their study abroad dreams of 1200+ for Semester, Summer & Cultural Exchange Programs into reality and 221+ Internships in Walt Disney, USA (Highest in the Region).

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

CU believes that finances should not become an impediment to your learning. The university goes the extra mile by offering financial assistance to brilliant students so that they learn without any hassle. Know the eligibility criteria and get a chance to avail scholarships applicable to both national and international students.

Quality Placements

The pandemic has transformed the way of organizing the placements. Face-to-face drives have been replaced with virtual and despite the uncertainties, it has once again become the leading placement institute with 7412 Offers. Leading multinational companies Amazon, Deloitte, Microsoft, HP, SAP Labs, Cognizant, VMWare, Sapient, Hitachi, Flipkart, Practo Technologies, Zomato, Gwynniebee India, L&T, John Deere, TAFE, Schindler, Amazon, SAP Labs, Microsoft, VMWare, HP, Cognizant, Sapient, Deloitte, Hitachi, Practo Technologies, etc have conducted virtual placement sessions at the campus.

World-Class Amenities

CU has world-class infrastructure including well-equipped classrooms and labs. You will find accommodation with modern amenities and recreational facilities at the campus. The university not only renders valuable support in studies but also in extracurricular activities and sports for the holistic development of students. The university organizes various inter-university and inter-college events to improve well-being and boost sportsman spirit among them. The university is home to students from 30 Countries, 29 Indian States, and 5 Union territories, a wonderful opportunity to establish enduring relationships and create wonderful memories with each other.

Unique Academic Model

The university offers a flexible model and is at par with the international standards. The academicians and industry experts keep on revising the model to make it cutting edge.

Enrich your learning experience with Blackboard Ultra

Technological advancements take place every now and then. The university leaves no stone unturned in keeping up with these technological advancements and has introduced the world's best learning management system so that the learning isn’t compromised amid COVID-19. Blackboard ultra has become a part of the 73% of top universities and we are among them.

National and International Conferences

National and international conferences organized by Chandigarh University expand your knowledge and provide awareness related to new trends and technologies. These events are a way to foster new relationships and make amends in your research work after receiving constructive feedback.

Located in the vicinity of ‘The City Beautiful’

Chandigarh is the cleanest and the most well-planned city. This city is renowned for its world-class education and tourists visit here to immerse themselves in its hustle and bustle. 

According to BBC Chandigarh is World’s Best & Smartest City’.The city offers world-class infrastructure and the highest per capita income. Chandigarh is fast emerging as the entrepreneurship hub of the country. Chandigarh University derives its inspiration from the ‘City Beautiful’ to empower its inmates for a brighter tomorrow.

Enrich your learning experience and expand your career prospects by enrolling in a Masters in Engineering program at CU.

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