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Article by @HarkamalBajwa, Content Writer, Chandigarh University

Almost each one of us have across a moment where we learn about the terms ‘internship’ or ‘industrial training’. What is Industrial Training? Why is it so important? There’s an old joke about the professional world where fresh graduates exclaim how employers want a fresher to have years of experience already when they join. It might have turned into a joke but it still doesn’t overlook the fact that every employer needs an employee with experience, who can get into the swing of things and ensure smooth functioning.

Moreover, an employer would always emphasize on recruiting an experienced worker with the knowledge of practical application rather than the one who would have to be regularly guided and instructed. This is where Industrial Training comes to the rescue. A gateway for aspirants to meet their career objectives, Industrial Training helps one gain in-depth knowledge of their theoretical curriculum while also giving them an opportunity to observe and gain firsthand experience of the industry, job execution and work environment. Thus, it ensures that you’re job ready when you graduate and wouldn’t require to be instructed at each step. However, Industrial Training has much more significance in the modern day education than ensuring career readiness.

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First of all, when we step into higher education from the senior secondary, there’s a shift in the curriculum. We are introduced to many new topics, specializations, theories or formulas we only heard about in School. Higher Education is our way to the professional world and on that way, we have a lot to learn and achieve before we make it. The curriculum incorporates the necessary knowledge which includes a lot of theoretical knowledge as well. However, you cannot put your theoretical knowledge into practice without having the skills to do so, which is why Industrial Training is again necessary. Not only does it help in practical work situations but also in developing skills and techniques directly applicable to your respective careers.

To continue with, there are numerous aspects of Industrial Training aiming to develop the skills of the students and prepare a more trained and advanced workforce for the contemporary world and the future. Apart from embedding students with essential skills sets, experiences and knowledge, it also enhances their ability to improve their creativity skills and shape their ideas. An aspiring professional learns to build good communication skills with his coworkers and behavior of corporate life in industrial sector, which makes it significantly easier for a student when they enter the industry. Having been acquainted and exposed to the real work environment during the course, one finds themselves already accustomed to it.

In addition, industrial training is also a testing opportunity for a youngster to decide and pursue their particular area of interest. Along with learning more with hands-on experience, the Internship students also do well in their academics. The hands-on experience takes them into crux of the particular area, which helps one to have a better perspective and understanding of the topic ultimately leading to better academic performance. Moreover, it increases the earning potential of a student upon their graduation and has been made compulsory in specific educational trades since quite some time, owing to the importance of practical application.

Both theoretical and practical knowledge are an important part of learning, which go hand in hand. While theory teaches about the skills; practical application helps us perform them. Besides, it helps a student build a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, good work habits and the capabilities to work with a team and reach the desired objective. The rapidly evolving professional and competitive world demands for job-ready professionals and thus industrial trainings and internships are prioritized by the educational institutions to acquaint their students with the industry before they graduate.

At the end of it, Industrial Training is important not only for students but also for professionals already working in the industry. It does not only help you acquaint with the industry but also helps you upgrade your skills as per the present requirements. An Industrial Training experience is an asset and experience that stays with you forever. As we inch closer to the world of working professionals, we must ensure that we learn as much as we can. We must always look out for internship and training opportunities.

With some educational institutions even offering international Industrial Training, the scope of learning has widely increased. Additionally, even the industry has been enhancing their industrial training programs by collaborating with higher educational institutions and by establishing their advanced study centers at the university or college campuses. Thereby, taking opportunities closer to the students. Industrial Training is the need of time and must always be undertaken by a student, who wishes to amplify his own skills, practical knowledge, increase the probability of employability and stay competitive in the modern-day professional world.

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