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Important reasons for studying biosciences are to understand how cells and organisms work. It involves the study of life and it is very important as it tells us about the natural world. Biosciences tells us about our body, helping us to develop cures and treatments for many diseases. It also tells us about the bodies of other animals and it can provide clinical treatment for farm animals and also pets.

Bioscience also tells us about plants and how they can be beneficial to human life. Bioscience gives us a method to classify animals and help us understand animals. It also tells us do's and don’ts for our planet. It gives us a thorough picture of human body and the organisms inside us, also about the metabolism and other processes inside the human body. Bioscience also tells us about the behavioral acts of humans and animals.

Bioscience as a science helps human life in many ways. It helps in increasing production of food, combating diseases and also aids in protecting and conserving our environment. The advances in the field of biology have resulted in high standard of living in the field of food and health. Production of plants has been increased by improving the varieties and development of high-yield and diseases resistant varieties of plants and animals that are used as food.

Bioscience is the study of living things that are basically of two categories plants and animals. Importance of plants in human life are: plants are useful to human life and hence there is necessity in carrying out studies and to also to find more benefits from them. Plants are used as food like beans, rice, wheat, potatoes, etc; as medicine, and also for shelter. Wood is used for roofing, furniture, plants help in air purification. We study animals as we live together with animals, to understand their behavior and benefits to human life. Some types of animals are also an important source of food.

Bioscience is an important area of study as it reveals the facts and has taken us where we are today. All the other fields of study are dependent on the facts that are revealed by the studies that are carried out in field of biology.

Different Fields after pursuing graduate and post graduate degree in Bioscience-

You can go for various fields after a bioscience degree some are listed below:-

• Forensic scientist 

• Science technician 

• Plant scientist, or botanist 

• Aquatic or zoo biologist 

• Science museum curator or manager 

• Genetic engineer 

• Ecological economist 

• Political adviser for government groups or nonprofits 

• Science writer for a magazine, newspaper, website, or TV program


The hard work you put into your biology studies can pay off down the road on payday, though you may need to pursue a master's or Ph.D. to ascend the salary ladder to its highest rungs. Biology majors have the opportunity to participate in world-class scientific research taking place within the Department of Biological Sciences. Students may join laboratories studying cancer, genetics, spinal cord injuries, food safety, viruses, brain development and many more.

Some of the higher-paying biology themed careers with a solid job outlook include biochemists and biophysicists, biomedical engineers and natural sciences managers who manage the work of chemists, physicists, and other biologists.

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