Thursday, 26 March 2020

Working from Home amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Threat

Working from Home amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Threat: Necessities for Working Professionals
Harkamal Singh Bajwa, Chandigarh University

An unusual pneumonia broke out in China last year, which has now forced most of the world into lockdown. The unusual pneumonia, later discovered to be CoronaVirus or COVID-19 has turned pandemic leading to temporary shutdowns of Industries, educational institutions and many other commercial & non-commercial sectors. While staying cautious and indoors during these times is of utmost importance, however, it cannot be denied that the pandemic is affecting economies in many different ways.

Work From Home

The seriousness of COVID-19 has forced organizations to ask their employees to stay indoors and work from their respective homes. The internet connectivity makes sure that your absence in your office doesn’t matter and you can work reliably from home, however, there are certain factors concerned with “work from home”, which might have been left unnoticed and unexplored as the crisis approached and compelled us indoors. With this article, we shall discuss some necessary factors one needs to keep in mind while working from home.

           1.)    Punctuality: Working from Home keeps you in your comfort zone most of the times, as you are not being watched or under continuous surveillance of those CCTV’s cameras at your office. The absence of someone to look upon you does motivate you to work according to your own wishes. However, it is important to be understood that an emergency situation has forced us into a lockdown and while it has caused your organization a great deal of damage, it may also directly affect you and your career. Thus, staying punctual at home is important as well. Sign in and sign out on time and also make sure you do not skip your break.

           2.)    Fixed Work Schedule: Your organization must have passed on necessary instructions onto you before initiating ‘Work from Home’. As most of the organizations go, they must also have made you realize that they were doing you a favor by allowing you to work from home. However, this is not the truth. Remember, you put in all your energy and efforts to bring out the best outcomes for the company you’re working for and during times as these, it is the responsibility of the organization to take care of their employees. Some organizations pose this a liberty for their employees and in return get them to work round the clock. Therefore, you must ensure that you’ve a fixed time schedule, just like the office hours. Begin and end your work on time and spend the rest of your personal time, the way you wish to.

      3.)    Workspace: Designating yourself a workplace is crucial while working from home. If you want to work like a professional you are, you must ensure your workplace looks the same, irrespective of who watches you or who doesn’t. At home, we are usually surrounded by our family members or anyone who’s not from your office(in general) and does not understand the importance of what you’re doing. Affected outcomes by working from home raise questions and suspicions as well. Hence, designate a proper workplace which complements both you and your organization and does not affect your productivity.

           4.)    Avoid distractions: Although, home is where we find peace, but in case of Work, working from home can provide some serious distractions. First of all, we are always in our homely comfort zone and then there’s our family and other households, one would normally tend to during their off-days. However, we got to remember the fact that we are ‘Working from Home’, where work is supposed to be the priority during the working hours. You are not supposed to switch tasks in between or be doing too many things like making lunch, watching your favorite movie or anything apart from the task at hand.
           5.)    Dress Properly: Now, you must be thinking that not dressing the part would do you no harm as you’re working from home and no one’s going to judge even if you have your Pyjamas on. Of course, no one will see you working like this, however, it has marked effect on your productivity and motivation to work. You may sit or put on your attire more comfortably at home as compared to your regular office, nonetheless, make sure you’re presentable enough in case you receive some professional or business video call.                       

Working from home can be very liberating but this freedom of working on your own can reduce your productivity and capabilities to bring out the best outcomes, the reason you were employed in the first place. Put in your best efforts and time as you would do on a normal working day at the office and don’t let anything affect the professional in you.



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