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Alumni Success story - Airlines Tourism and Hospitality Management

Alumni Success Story

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If you can build something in your imagination, you're at least halfway to making it real. Once you've planted the seeds, they never go away. All they can do is grow. Life is really one big experiment. Sometimes your theory proves true and you get the outcome you expected. Sometimes it proves wrong. But you learn and you keep tinkering. Finding a dream career isn't an exact science. That means you'll probably have to try — and even fail — at a few things before you find paying work that you love or you can just stick to the job you know (and hate). It’s up to you.

Here is an inspiring story of Azharuddin Makrani, a small-town guy from Almora, Uttrakhand, came to Chandigarh University with a bunch of dreams and took admission in B.Sc. Airlines Tourism and Hospitality Management course in 2015-2018. He started his career journey by completing six months internship from one of the leading travel agency in India i.e. COX & KINGS.  After completing his internship, got an opportunity from Chandigarh University for WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort under Cultural Exchange Program in United States of America.

 Azharuddin, completed his journey of WALT DISNEY WORLD program at the end of August 2017 with an exceptional experience in the area of Tourism and Hospitality.  After finishing his tenure with the firm, he got selected in AMERICAN HOSPITALITY ACADEMY which is USA’s top-class Hospitality Academy and completed his one year internship at ESPN's Old Westbury Golf and Country Club, New York. For him it was a wonderful, extensively challenging environment and a transformation of his life. At present working for Expedia (United States).  His job role makes him travel to a lot of cities in the United States and dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds. He is enjoying his job.

"I am thankful to Chandigarh University for providing me a platform to take the beautiful step in
the field of my interest and also want to thank my professors to ignite my mind to succeed in life.
Proud to be a part of this reputed university."     Mohd. Azharuddin Makrani, CU Alumni


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