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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

CU Student develops an app based battery operated cycle

Jai Chachra - A Neoteric Generation Entrepreneur
& his innovation ‘Just Charge’-an app based  battery operated cycle

Entrepreneurship is essentially the philosophy of an innovating mind, a nouveau culture and  a creative mindset.  It is the ability to create an impact in whatever one does in an enterprise in the face of constraints, risks and ambiguity. And this is precisely how the journey of Jai Chachra started.  He joined Chandigarh University as a student of graduation in Computer Science Engineering (with specialisation in Cloud Computing). As a freshman in the very first year, he was pulled up by one of the faculty members for not carrying any register or pen to write notes.  To admonish him, the teacher went on to hand him the cap of a pen to write with. This instead, sparked the thinking terrain of his mind and Jai came up with a unique innovation of a 2cms pen that could be worn on a finger.  This wearable pen is shaped like a ring and can write 500 pages in one cartridge. All because he does not wish to carry a pen around – so just wear it!  It would take 2 to 3 days to train a person to practice writing with it. This innovative product is today a boon for the differently abled persons who may have lost a finger or a hand or is using his feet for writing! Jai’s patented ‘Finger Wearable Pen’ takes the pain out of writing for those who may not have the essential appendages for writing. 

With this start, Jai went on to innovate an ‘Accidental Survival Kit - Rakshak’. This idea came up because way back in 2017 only cars costing upwards of 18 lakhs had airbags safety option. So, using an enhanced version of micro control units, he designed a system whereby a cars driver seat area was sensitised to alcohol vapors. Thus, when a driver who has consumed alcohol wishes to drive a car, this device would apply an AI based system and the car would be restricted to travel upto 18kms per hour only! Of course he is the patent holder for this product too!

By the time he completes 3nd year of graduation, Jai already has 5 patents in his pocket - all thanks to his mentor and life coach Dr Sanjeet Singh who has been handholding him, egging him on and ensuring he does not buckle under challenges.   His dream project “Pet-It” was literally evolved in his dream where he visualised himself being recognised as one of the Fortune 500 qualifiers for a ‘Pet Tracking solution’. To follow this dream he actually evolved, patented and popularised “Pet-It” – a smart pet ecosystem that can be attached to a  pets collar. This helps for scheduling vet visits, food timing, and any other activities that need to be followed for the pet. All pet lovers find this a unique and pet care friendly product. With several companies in the US chasing this product, Jai is completely grounded in the knowledge that all entrepreneurship is not always about running a business.

Jai strongly believes that every problem has a solution and applies this philosophy to evolve products as a solution to existing problems. Thus, Jai was never inclined for a ‘placement drive’ nor did he join the CSE programme with Chandigarh University to be placed with a corporate big-wig. As a self-motivated innovator, he feels that today, no one accepts you because of your visiting card.  You have to build your reputation and its public acceptance step by step.  Infact, no entrepreneur starts with infinite resources. They are just persistent in their resolve.

This resolve led him to innovate ‘Just Charge’ – an app based battery operated cycle. This was aimed as a solution for hostel students on the campus who have to walk extensive distances during a day, from their hostel to their department - to the administration block and to the dispensary and back to hostel. All this walking in the Indian summers was very disconcerting  for Jai and he researched alternatives like ordinary bicycles, electric skate boards (as seen in the popular movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya’) with a handle and hover boards from the perspective of affordability, usage over uneven terrain, the weight it may be able to transport and battery life.

As a sophomore at the university, he reached out to the seniors and peers in the department of mechanical engineering to help him shape his innovation. The entire journey was  replete with changing, making adjustments, accepting errors and modifying by the minute.

The entrepreneur in Jai accepted that he will not get it right always so he reset his course correction to bounce back higher. He manufactured 10 units of his ‘Just Charge’ and started talking to resorts if they wished to offer independence to their guests instead of golf carts and the idea clicked!  He has currently offered to manufacture initial stock for the hostel students of his alma mater. He will further take this up with universities spread over sprawling vast spaces.

Jai keeps re-imagining  possibilities. He is not waiting for a public tag or an honorary badge -  he just keeps persisting in his efforts with the larger purpose of solution finding.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Inspiring Story of CU Alumni

As a troubled teenager, I had to undergo various stigmas and struggles to live up to the hopes and expectations of my parents and myself. Like every aspiring young guy, oblivious of realities, I worked hard in hope of making to the IIT’s and securing my future. It wasn’t until I graduated from my senior secondary education that the realities came crashing down upon me. Unaware of the rush to grab the handful of opportunities on avail, I stepped out of school. It was then that the harsh reality kept weighing me down and considering the race for IIT’s, it seemed a distant and an unreal dream.    

My father used to say,”ਪੁੱਤ ਸਾਡੀਆਂ ਉਮੀਦਾਂ ਤੇਰੇ ਤੋਂ ਹੀ ਨੇ, ਆਈ.ਆਈ.ਟੀ ਦੇ ਚੱਕਰ 'ਚ ਹੱਥੋਂ ਸਮਾਂ ਨਾ ਗਵਾ ਲਈਂ|” Initially, I used to ignore him but couldn’t deny the fact that time is the most important aspect of life and I was running out of it. Also, it is said that we may not realize it in the present but with time we surely learn and realize how important that guidance was and how lucky we were to have made that decision during those times.
The Pandemic, COVID-19 has been the 21st century’s biggest challenge to our world and threatened whole of the humanity but on the other hand it has also made us realize the value of what we have and has reminded us about our ignorance and negligence as well. Wishing to make it to the IIT’s, I listened to my parents’ advise and started looking for better and broader options for my higher studies and got enrolled into Chandigarh University. Everything was going well. The mentorship is great; I have made friends and moments for life, my educational aspirations were all being fulfilled with regular workshops, study tours, seminars, and what not.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 happened and our country went into complete lockdown for what seemed to be an indefinite period. Being in the last year of my graduation, my dreams again came crashing down as just before the final term everything was halted. I wondered how would I complete my syllabus, attend all those workshops, seminars and graduate with flying colours. I wondered if even exams were possible and if I would graduate in this year itself.
These factors had a deep impact on my mind but there’s someone always looking after you. In my case, while I was staying home being cautious of the disease and worried about my future on the same time, it was my University who didn’t let me down. I have never made better use of Internet than with Chandigarh University, who has been holding online lectures, webinars, assignments, discussions in the most emphatic manner. Battered by the pandemic, I can now truly look at life in altogether a distinct and an inspiring way.   

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Chandigarh University comes-up with Special Serving Trolley to maintain social distancing

Chandigarh University comes-up with Special Serving Trolley to maintain social distancing

Chandigarh University “CU-AID” campaign kicks off in Tricity; Staff and Management donates one day salary for COVID-19 crisis

Social Distancing is the key that would help India to stop itself from entering into the third stage of community transmission and recently the Union Government instructed States and UT’s to observe social distancing while serving the poor. Underlining the importance of the call, Chandigarh University Gharuan has designed a special serving trolley which is being used by the volunteers of university to serve cooked meals twice a day to the poor and needy in the villages of Mohali.

“One day I watched a news on television where some NGO was distributing food to poor and suddenly there was big rush near the distribution truck barely maintain any social distancing,” said Rakesh Kumar Negi, a technical & maintenance supervisor at University, who is the brain behind conceptualizing the design of the serving trolley. The scene disturbed me that night and finally I decided to do something about it, he added. The next morning, the technician designed the serving trolley which he made from a waste cooler stand that was available in the university junkyard. “The trolley can handle 30 kg of food at one time and is useful to maintain the necessary precautions while distributing the food” added Negi.   

Ever since the lockdown began, Chandigarh University has been running a campaign “CU-AID” under which food is being distributed for the poor, daily labour and needy in the nearby villages. Currently the university community mess is preparing and distributing cooked meals for more than 2000 persons and it plans to extend the distribution to needy persons to Chandigarh by next week.
“While the doctors and health workers are tireless efforts in protecting the precious human lives, it is time for the engineers to come-up with innovative ideas that can be used to develop products or technologies which can be helpful in the pandemic crisis” said Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor Chandigarh University. Serving trolley designed by our staff member is one such small step to help humanity while keeping in mind all the advisories issued by the government, he added. 

Chancellor CU further said that, “The staff and management of Chandigarh University has constituted a campaign “CU-AID” under which funds have been generated by the university staff as we have donated one day salary for helping the poor and needy persons”. The funds are being used to run a community kitchen which is preparing and distributing food, free hand sanitizers and face masks. “We are also in the process of building a 100 bed isolation ward facility at our university hostel which will be fully equipped with all the medical facilities” added Chancellor.       

Monday, 30 March 2020

Chandigarh University - Most Preferred University by students

Chandigarh University - Most Preferred University by students 

532 students from Haryana have bagged their dream jobs in top-notch blue-chip companies with 60% placements for the girls at 2020 Campus Placements. Apart from bagging 87 multiple offers, the placements of students from Haryana have witnessed a continuous rise in numbers. Your buddies are reaching out to their dreams at Chandigarh University, where are you?

Elevate your Career and give wings to your professional dreams with the career-ready, industry aligned curricula at Chandigarh University, the country's one of the most prestigious and youngest NAAC A+ Grade Accredited university. Admissions Open. Apply for the programme of your choice through CUCET and earn up to 100% merit based Scholarship.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Coronavirus in India: Chandigarh University distributing food to poor & needy in nearby villages

Coronavirus in India: Chandigarh University distributing food to poor & needy in nearby villages  
Amid 21 days lockdown announced in India, the daily wagers working in factories and construction labour are facing heat as they are facing challenges to earn and find food for themselves and their families. Rising up to the situation and with the spirit of gesture in times of crisis, Chandigarh University Gharuan is distributing cooked meals two times a day to poor & needy in the 6 neighbourhood villages Gharuan, Batta, Mankheri, Mamupur, Roorkee Pukta and Madauli.

The distribution drive started from the first day of the lockdown and will be continued throughout the 21 days period. The meals are cooked in University Mess and then transported to the different locations using the institution’s transportation. Participating in the drive, Jai Vardhan one of the volunteers said, “We are currently catering to feed about 500 persons daily but we can increase our capacity if the more demand arises in the coming days”.  

“Although the Government of Punjab is ensuring the distribution of food to the poor and needy community through-out the state, yet as an institution it is our social responsibility to help the lower sections of the society in whatever form we can” said Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University.      

He further added that, “CU is also running an awareness campaign to educate the people and residents of villages about the safety precautions from the dreaded pandemic to be undertaken”.  In addition the University Team is also distributing free hand sanitizers in the villages, old age homes and orphanages which has been prepared by the University Department of Applied Health Sciences.    

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Coronavirus: Myths vs facts

#Coronavirus: Myths vs facts
#COVID19 pandemic has grappled the world by its teeth. With no preventive measure or cure in sight and a lot of misinformation available on the internet, it can be hard to actually separate fact from fiction. From garlic water, bat soup remedy and weird self-tests, you will find a lot of myths and hoax messages related to the #coronavirus #infection. However, we shouldn't be the first ones to tell you that not all that you read on the internet or receive as Whatsapp messages from concerned relatives doesn't hold true.
If you are panicking about the spread of #coronavirus, here is help your way.
Listed here are some of the most commonly associated myths surrounding the diseases and the real truth you need to know. Do share it and help someone in need!

#CU #ChandigarhUniversity

Friday, 27 March 2020

Let's Fight Corona | Stay Positive - Chandigarh University

Time is the most valuable thing one can spend. We often complain or regret about not being able to spend enough time with our families. However, owing to the prevailing pandemic we now have the chance to overcome all the complaints and regrets and choose to be with our family at all times. Alongwith following the Social distancing precautions and keeping others in mind, not only are we gonna halt the spreading pandemic COVID-19, but also make memories for a lifetime with our families.

Chandigarh University advises you to be with your families and avoid getting out, as it would only endanger you or those around you. Here's a little video dedicated to you all!

#CoronaVirus #LetsFightCorona #StayPositive 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Working from Home amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Threat

Working from Home amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Threat: Necessities for Working Professionals
Harkamal Singh Bajwa, Chandigarh University

An unusual pneumonia broke out in China last year, which has now forced most of the world into lockdown. The unusual pneumonia, later discovered to be CoronaVirus or COVID-19 has turned pandemic leading to temporary shutdowns of Industries, educational institutions and many other commercial & non-commercial sectors. While staying cautious and indoors during these times is of utmost importance, however, it cannot be denied that the pandemic is affecting economies in many different ways.

Work From Home

The seriousness of COVID-19 has forced organizations to ask their employees to stay indoors and work from their respective homes. The internet connectivity makes sure that your absence in your office doesn’t matter and you can work reliably from home, however, there are certain factors concerned with “work from home”, which might have been left unnoticed and unexplored as the crisis approached and compelled us indoors. With this article, we shall discuss some necessary factors one needs to keep in mind while working from home.

           1.)    Punctuality: Working from Home keeps you in your comfort zone most of the times, as you are not being watched or under continuous surveillance of those CCTV’s cameras at your office. The absence of someone to look upon you does motivate you to work according to your own wishes. However, it is important to be understood that an emergency situation has forced us into a lockdown and while it has caused your organization a great deal of damage, it may also directly affect you and your career. Thus, staying punctual at home is important as well. Sign in and sign out on time and also make sure you do not skip your break.

           2.)    Fixed Work Schedule: Your organization must have passed on necessary instructions onto you before initiating ‘Work from Home’. As most of the organizations go, they must also have made you realize that they were doing you a favor by allowing you to work from home. However, this is not the truth. Remember, you put in all your energy and efforts to bring out the best outcomes for the company you’re working for and during times as these, it is the responsibility of the organization to take care of their employees. Some organizations pose this a liberty for their employees and in return get them to work round the clock. Therefore, you must ensure that you’ve a fixed time schedule, just like the office hours. Begin and end your work on time and spend the rest of your personal time, the way you wish to.

      3.)    Workspace: Designating yourself a workplace is crucial while working from home. If you want to work like a professional you are, you must ensure your workplace looks the same, irrespective of who watches you or who doesn’t. At home, we are usually surrounded by our family members or anyone who’s not from your office(in general) and does not understand the importance of what you’re doing. Affected outcomes by working from home raise questions and suspicions as well. Hence, designate a proper workplace which complements both you and your organization and does not affect your productivity.

           4.)    Avoid distractions: Although, home is where we find peace, but in case of Work, working from home can provide some serious distractions. First of all, we are always in our homely comfort zone and then there’s our family and other households, one would normally tend to during their off-days. However, we got to remember the fact that we are ‘Working from Home’, where work is supposed to be the priority during the working hours. You are not supposed to switch tasks in between or be doing too many things like making lunch, watching your favorite movie or anything apart from the task at hand.
           5.)    Dress Properly: Now, you must be thinking that not dressing the part would do you no harm as you’re working from home and no one’s going to judge even if you have your Pyjamas on. Of course, no one will see you working like this, however, it has marked effect on your productivity and motivation to work. You may sit or put on your attire more comfortably at home as compared to your regular office, nonetheless, make sure you’re presentable enough in case you receive some professional or business video call.                       

Working from home can be very liberating but this freedom of working on your own can reduce your productivity and capabilities to bring out the best outcomes, the reason you were employed in the first place. Put in your best efforts and time as you would do on a normal working day at the office and don’t let anything affect the professional in you.


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

CU becomes Overall Champions at 35th National Youth Festival

CU becomes youngest university of the country to claim overall championship at 35thNational Youth Festival
 Team CU brings back title to the state after a gap of five years

ChandigarhUniversity Gharuan has created history by lifting the Overall Championship at 35th AIU Inter- University Youth Festival 2020 organized by Association of Indian universities.

With this CU becomes the youngest university in the country to win this title. As many as 36 students from Chandigarh University, won overall trophy in Theatre & Fine arts and won 9 gold medals, 4 silver medals in different categories. Student teams from more than 93 universities all over India participated in the youth fest held at Noida. This was announced during a press conference at Chandigarh. Dr. A.S. Kang and Manish Jhangra from Department of Student Welfare, Chandigarh University were also present on the occasion.

Elated with this performance by the students of Chandigarh University, Vice Chancellor of Chandigarh University, Dr.R.S. Bawa said, “This performance by the students of Chandigarh University has been possible as they themselves are very talented and at their talent was nurtured by some of the best from the fields of theatre, dance and music.” Dr. Bawa said that there were some students who realized their potential about these extra circular activities after they joined here.

Prior to this win, team Chandigarh University has shown glorious performance at National level youth festivals as the team bagged overall runners up position in 2019 while the theatre team of CU have created a national record by winning the overall theatre trophy consecutively for the fourth year.

Feeling delighted on the performance of team Chandigarh University, ViceChancellor said, ‘’By winning the Overall Championship at 35th National Youth Festival 2020, university from Punjab has reclaimed their hands on the overall AIU trophy after a gap of 5 years’’.It is an honour to announce that Chandigarh University became first to bring overall National Championship trophy in Tricity, he added. As many as 93 university teams with 1600 participants from northern India took part in various contests of music, theatre, dance, literary and fine arts this year. Chandigarh University bagged the overall trophy by winning 9 first positions in one act play, skit, Mime, clay modelling, on-the-spot-photography, installation, procession, Folk dance, Collage making, and Four2nd positions in on the spot painting, poster making and vocal solo( western),Group song (Western) . It was on 3rd position in mimicry.Vice Chancellor announced that all the National Award winning performances will be exhibited in Tagore Theatre to the public of Tricity in the 3rd week of February.

Team of students comprising of Arunesh, Akash, Ankit, Yadhunandan, Ankita, Raghvendra, Sukant, Jaya and Saksham Singh won 1st  position in the One Act Play ‘’Kashima’’ , showcased the story of the girls who face atrocities and been killed. 1st positioned Mime titled ‘’Honor Killing’’ enacted on social issue prevalent in patriarchal society. In both performances, woman’s’ struggle for survival has been presented. 1st positioned Skit was based on an idea of today's world where we all are talking about women empowerment and equal rights, there are men too who go through various mental and emotional traumas.In total,Chandigarh University won 9 first positions in one act play, skit, Mime, clay modelling, on-the-spot-photography, installation, procession, Folk dance, Collage making while 4 second positions in On the spot painting, poster making and vocal solo( western),Group song (Western).
Aimed to promote new talent, Chandigarh University mentor students as all-rounder to render holistic development. It also provides competent Directors and artists who organize workshops and conferences to train the students in the field of art and culture so that they can compete at various international and nation championships.

Meanwhile Gauhati University was declared 1st runner up while Banasthali Vidyapith University, Rajasthan bagged 3rd position.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Corona Virus Safety Instructions


As you’re all aware about the deadly disease #COVID_19 or CoronaVirus becoming Pandemic and affecting the populace across the globe, taking safety and health precautions have become of paramount importance. Considering the seriousness of the circumstances, Chandigarh University advises you to keep your safety and hygiene on utmost priority. Here, we are sharing a few safety instructions and precautionary measures that’ll help you and your dear ones in staying away from this infectious disease.

1. There are certain ways the virus may enter into your body, which is why it is important to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. In case of the unavailability of soap and water, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Also, restrain from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

2. Avoid close contact with people who are sick as they’re more prone to getting infected. Also, maintain a gap of 3 feet between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

3. As mentioned before, there are different ways the virus may enter your body, which is why taking care of even the minutest of things is indispensable. Thus, we advise you to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, especially with unclean hands.

Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical care as the virus is a communicable disease.

Apart from the above precautionary measures, make sure your throat and mouth are always moist. Drink some water every 15 minutes ‘cause even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water or other fluids will help wash it down the esophagus in your stomach.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Why Aerospace Engineering at Chandigarh University

Aerospace Engineering
Engineering the Engineer

The role of the engineer is to explore the realm of the unknown by systematically searching for new solutions to practical problems. Engineering is less about knowing (or not knowing), and more about doing; it is about dreaming how the world could be, rather than studying how it is. Aerospace engineering is similar to the journey of explorations and engineering. There are several perks of working in aerospace engineering for people that feel a close connection with things that take to the skies, or even to outer space.

Why Aerospace Engineering?
Below are the few features of aerospace engineering that will help you quantify the benefits of Aerospace engineering field.

Excellent Renumerations
One of the perks of working in aerospace engineering is the excellent compensation that engineers in this field enjoy. Aerospace engineers are very well compensated when compared to the average income that an average employed Indian makes, which means this field is an excellent one to get into for those that are concerned about their financial security.

The Opportunity to Innovate
Aerospace engineers are some of the first people that get to create and work with new technologies that are used on aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. These engineers are responsible for innovations that help make the world a better place. For example, an aerospace engineer might work on a new technology that allows spacecraft to fly longer, which means that people can find out more information about outer space to help the future of society. Aerospace engineers also test new prototypes for aircraft, which means they are able to help make travel around the world much easier.

The Ability to Apply Inherent Abilities
Engineers in most fields, including aerospace, need to have a strong background in math and science. For people that have a natural ability in these fields, becoming an aerospace engineer is an excellent way to capitalize on this type of background to allow a person to do a job that fits well with their natural abilities. If you are someone that is very good at advanced mathematics or science, aerospace engineering is an excellent field to get into.

High Demand
If you are a certified, highly-trained aerospace engineer, you can find a job in several different places. Government organisations will always be looking to hire aerospace engineers: this includes agencies inside and outside of India. Because spacecraft and aircraft are involved in so many other industries, from transportation to travel, you can also look for a job at a private company. Overall there is a steady demand for their services in different industries all around the world.

Hands-On Work
One of the best perks of working in aerospace engineering is the ability to work with live prototypes or other devices that will be used during live flights. Whether it is a new engine on a passenger plane or a new type of satellite that will be deployed in space to find information about the solar system, aerospace engineers often get to perform hands-on work that allows them to interact with some of the most sophisticated scientific devices in the world. This is a privilege that is reserved for engineers: few others get to work with this type of sophisticated technology.

If you have considered all of the perks of working in aerospace engineering and have decided that it is the career for you, your next step is to pursue sufficient education. We at Chandigarh University provide you a wide range of engineering education in an environment that pursues excellence and discovery. University Institute of Engineering (UIE), Chandigarh University was ranked 16th among the Top Engineering Institutes of India by The Outlook Magazine. Join Chandigarh University and emerge career ready by learning form the best minds and develop a learning experience and a career of immense quality.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Alumni Success story - Airlines Tourism and Hospitality Management

Alumni Success Story

#Learn & Earn #DreamCareer

If you can build something in your imagination, you're at least halfway to making it real. Once you've planted the seeds, they never go away. All they can do is grow. Life is really one big experiment. Sometimes your theory proves true and you get the outcome you expected. Sometimes it proves wrong. But you learn and you keep tinkering. Finding a dream career isn't an exact science. That means you'll probably have to try — and even fail — at a few things before you find paying work that you love or you can just stick to the job you know (and hate). It’s up to you.

Here is an inspiring story of Azharuddin Makrani, a small-town guy from Almora, Uttrakhand, came to Chandigarh University with a bunch of dreams and took admission in B.Sc. Airlines Tourism and Hospitality Management course in 2015-2018. He started his career journey by completing six months internship from one of the leading travel agency in India i.e. COX & KINGS.  After completing his internship, got an opportunity from Chandigarh University for WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort under Cultural Exchange Program in United States of America.

 Azharuddin, completed his journey of WALT DISNEY WORLD program at the end of August 2017 with an exceptional experience in the area of Tourism and Hospitality.  After finishing his tenure with the firm, he got selected in AMERICAN HOSPITALITY ACADEMY which is USA’s top-class Hospitality Academy and completed his one year internship at ESPN's Old Westbury Golf and Country Club, New York. For him it was a wonderful, extensively challenging environment and a transformation of his life. At present working for Expedia (United States).  His job role makes him travel to a lot of cities in the United States and dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds. He is enjoying his job.

"I am thankful to Chandigarh University for providing me a platform to take the beautiful step in
the field of my interest and also want to thank my professors to ignite my mind to succeed in life.
Proud to be a part of this reputed university."     Mohd. Azharuddin Makrani, CU Alumni

Friday, 6 March 2020

Alumni Success Story Biotechnology

At Chandigarh University we are given opportunities to learn in an interdisciplinary field with more than 70 open electives and guided support that let us follow our passion and fulfil our parent's dream. By pursuing my Bachelor’s in Biotechnology here, I was provided with ample amount of help from faculties and felt that I could achieve my dreams easily. Chandigarh University for provided me great knowledge and industry-oriented skills which prepared me for future. After completing the degree, I got selected through Campus Placement in Cipla, which is one of the leading Pharmaceutical Company. I worked as a Medical Trainee for 4 months and was promoted to Assistant Manager. The nature of the job helped me to learn how to work under pressure and multi-task. I have experience in marketing with expertise in quality control and development along with project management and a demonstrated history of solving complex problems using scientific methods. Skilled in MS-Office and laboratory techniques with strong background of working in Quality Control.

Currently, I am working as Senior Business Executive in Lotus Herbals Pvt. Ltd since June 2019. Settlement in life is a great challenge in itself but with the guidance of my teachers in CU, I am well settled in my field. As a student at CU, I was transformed into a well-rounded constituent of the community, an effective leader and a dedicated student. Chandigarh University gave me the confidence, not only to progress in my professional life but also to pursue personal goals. With brilliantly aligned course structure, the CU has opened the door for getting lucrative jobs and to achieve said dreams.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

468 Jammu and Kashmir students at CU get placements in top-notch companies

468 J&K students at CU get placements in top-notch companies
By Daily Excelsior -21/02/2020

About 468 students of Union Territory of J&K (2020 batch) have got placement offers during the first phase of the University Campus Placements out of which 72 have managed to grab multiple offers from top-notch multinational companies. This was stated by Dr. R.S Bawa, Vice Chancellor of the varsity.
Giving details about the placements of J&K students, Dr. Bawa said: “Of the total 468 students of J&K who have been successful in getting placed during the first phase of recruitment, 301 are from the various engineering branches, 63 from various MBA specializations, 17 from Hotel Management and the remaining from other branches.”

Vivek Singh a Mechanical Engineering student from Jammu managed to bag offers from Wipro, Chegg India, Delval Flow and Mahindra & Mahindra while Owais Ahmad Khan, a Civil Engineering student from Baramulla got offer letters from Mount Meru and V Construct.

Shivali, another student from Jammu with Electronics and Communication Engineering got offer letters in Varite India, Diverse Lynx and Authbridge.

Giving details about the first phase of campus placement held for the batch 2020 at CU, Dr. Bawa said, “More than 4000 offers have been made till date in the first phase of campus placements.”

He named some of the multi-national companies which participated in first phase of recruitments for batch 2020 as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, IBM, Nutanix, Capgemini, Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, Walmart, Deloitte etc.

Dr. Bawa also said that Chandigarh University has been able to maintain good perception as the top-notch companies keep recruiting fresh talent from the varsity year after year.