Friday, 18 October 2019

Success Story CU Student Manager in Reliance Industries Limited

Success Story of Hitesh Kharyal
Mechanical Engineer from Chandigarh University and Manager in Reliance Industries Limited.

It was always doubtful to choose from a number of colleges, but destiny is already written. Chandigarh University, an institute I joined keeping in mind a number of things necessary for my growth. I took admission in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Chandigarh University in the 2014-18 batch. Since I am an alumnus now, so I can say it with honor and pride that I have graduated from Chandigarh University. With a feeling that I would be able to achieve my goals, my time at the varsity went in a flash. The 4 crucial years of my life, spent at CU, were the most memorable, be studies or lifestyle, I really enjoyed each part of it.
Chandigarh University always used to say that they emphasized on the growth according to the industrial demand. These words came true when after my graduation, I got a lucrative job as Business Development Executive at BYJU’S through CU’s placement drive and I realized that things in the corporate were already known to me. The platforms that were provided to us were unique and if one focuses on their targets, they could connect the opportunities to themselves.
After beginning corporate life at BYJU'S, I am presently working in the capacity of Manager at Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar and would love to give whole credit to my Chandigarh University. The curriculum of CU has been structured systematically, aptly matching the industry standards. I am always thankful to the faculty of the university whose proper guidance, direction, motivation have made me a successful professional.


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