Friday, 23 August 2019

Success Story CU Alumni Gulf Oil India

Alumni Success Story Petroleum Engineering - Gulf Oil India

Experienced Business Development Professional of Lubricants in ‘B to B’ sales with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology and Service Industry, skilled in Franchise Business, marketing, negotiations, customer service, Microsoft words. Strong business Development Professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) focussed on Oil and Gas from Chandigarh University.

Studying with Chandigarh University did change my life. It gave me the confidence, not only to progress in my professional life but also to pursue personal goals. I no longer take anything at surface value and the biggest legacy that Chandigarh University has given me is to always have an inquiring mind and remain open to new ideas. While I was completing my degree in Bachelor of Engineering, but all the time I could keep in touch with my tutors, I could attend tutorials. It was just perfect for me. The  Faculty and staff, the whole system at Chandigarh University was wonderful. After graduation, I was selected by a very good and reputed company Gulf  Oil India where I worked as a Sales Officer. Then I was promoted as Territory Head in the same Company. In other words, I am currently working as Territory Head in a highly reputed company i. e. Gulf Oil IndiaNothing makes me more proud than being able to talk about  my  the brilliant career which is due to guidance provided to me by the faculty and other staff of Chandigarh University. I am in touch with other alumni of Chandigarh University who  have a history of achieving their dreams and soaring beyond boundaries after studying in this University.


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