Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Why to Join University Institute of Legal Studies at Chandigarh University

Legal education is a very widespread career choice in any country and certainly one of the most appreciated professions with a wide range of career potentials. It has experienced a number of changes in the last two decades which have aided the young aspiring students who want to pursue this prestigious domain of education. At present there are more than 10, 00,000 advocates in India and the number is swelling with 50,000 new enrollments every year. It is an attractive profession with wide career prospects in the future such as Indian Legal Services, Litigation, Taxation, Corporate Management, Administrative Services and so on.

As Indian Economy is growing at a steady pace the demand for skilled professionals in the field of law is going up too simultaneously making the traditional work for lawyers stay strong and competent along with a surge in their mandate too. Gone are the days when black robes and courtrooms where the bread and butter of lawyers. From upscale corporate offices to jobs in movies and the media, lawyers have swayed away from the orthodox practices and now are very much a part of the real world.

Talks are on to expand the scope for legal practice in India and open the gates for law graduates so that they can expect better job opportunities. Legal education has been liberalized in India which ultimately will help to raise the standard of legal awareness.

Choosing the right law school where the administration has a vision and understanding of where the legal market is headed is very important. University School of Legal Studies at Chandigarh University has been ranked one of the best law colleges in Punjab for being the centre of distinguished legal research and learning. UILS is committed to provide intra disciplinary skills to its students and makes them understand various complications of the legal world by making them smart, presentable and confident in voicing their opinion. It provides a fully effective placement program that narrows the gap between the students and legal profession by regularly breeding opportunities for the students.  

Chandigarh University has the largest student friendly ambience with amalgamation of culture and diversity.
Join, Chandigarh University and give your career a new guiding light.  


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