Monday, 21 January 2019

Scope and future of BSc Computer Science

By Kuldeep Pathak

- Content Writer

Matching the feet with Technology

The global tech sector is flourishing, of this there is no doubt. From the home to the workplace and beyond, mankind’s limitless need to stay connected is what drives this thirst for more advancement in the field. And though there are those who despise the effect that technology has on us today, many have begun to understand its countless benefits and are beginning to squeeze it.

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Information Technology (IT) is a growing field in India, and is looked upon as one of the industries that can generate abundant job opportunities. A science student interested in joining the IT industry is usually confused about the many courses on offer at the undergraduate level and might end up joining a course which might not be as beneficial as some other course

B.Sc. Computer Science is a 3 year undergraduate program which deals with subjects and topics related to computer application and services. Technological implementation of computer systems is the main agenda of the program. The program ranges widely from creating quality professionals and research fellows who are working in every sector of the world today. B.Sc. Computer Science is the study of principles and fundamentals of computers, where latest technologies and trends are the most important topics.

Graduates with this degree have opportunity for the industries like Computer Science and Engineering Consultancies, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Research and Development Agencies and Schools etc. Computer science professionals can also showcase their talent and work as System Integrator, System Analyst among many other job profiles.

The course equips students to work as Software Engineers in renowned IT companies that offer them a decent salary that increases with experience and expertise. It is concerned with understanding, designing, execution and solving issues related to computer systems and applications.

University Institute of Computing at Chandigarh University offers Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science to its students in accordance with the contemporary trends of the Technological world. One of the best Computing institutes in the region, UIC offers a three year undergraduate degree to the students. Students after completing their graduation (BSc) in Computer Science have innumerable opportunities in both public and private sector organizations. Top IT firms welcome students who have completed their graduation in computer science at hefty pay packages. Students can work in entry-level positions like Trainee Programmer, Software - Tester, Computer Scientist, Analyst, Engineer, Administrator and Programmer.

Come, Join Chandigarh University to give your Analytical & Computing skills a new direction and give a bright start to your career. 


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