Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Confused Between a Job or an MBA

Well! It’s OK to be confused after graduation as picking-up between accepting a job or pursuing an MBA is really a tricky one. Both options take you to the absolutely diverse career paths, one leading to the office and another to college/university.

Certainly, this is one among the most worrying and stressing situations for students as decision taken today will pay-off later either in productive or futile manner. So, you need to choose wisely. Here are some of the facts which, if considered with balance will help you get this formula right by effectively choosing between a Job or an MBA-

1.     Industry Demand
First of all, look into the market to find out the career scope for MBAs. Rational market analysis enhances the chances of student’s employability and expertise in the chosen domain. Indeed, if the demand seems to be escalating in the future, then undoubtedly choose for an MBA, as specialized knowledge in the increasingly competitive marketplace will let you stand out of the crowd.

2.     Check-out  your finances
Second in the queue, but the most important thing is the arrangement of funds. In parallel with identifying the market scope, also identify your sources of funds. If you can bear it on your own, it would be pretty good, otherwise checkout for the substantial loan. If your finances are wrecked already that the MBA would burden it, then never risk and take the job first.

3.     Think about experience
The two arguments that clashes the other time include “don’t break your flow of studies” and “experience the real-time market first to precisely find out the demand of the market.” But fix it in mind that nothing in the world can make you expert like playing in the mud first.

4.     Think about benefits of pursuing MBA
Undoubtedly higher studies can let you gain significantly high industry demanded temperament. Also the potential opportunities heighten if you have a degree in your hand.

5.     Ask yourself “Why”
Eventually the final decision is yours. Considering all the aforementioned points, ask yourself the actual reason for choosing the job over MBA or vice-versa. All you need to do is – think rationally that could help you in future.

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