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What is Physiotherapy? What Physiotherapists do? Future Scope of Physiotherapy? Which College/University to go for? Does all such question roam around your mind? Don’t panic! Here is the answer…
From dealing with simpler problems like neck or back aches to post-surgery or post-pregnancy healing, physiotherapists today serve almost all branches of medicine. Generating a transition from simple massage – to – complex therapies – to – multiple and specialized applications, Physiotherapy has come a long way, becoming one among the most demanding careers in India.
Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that helps patients regain physical movements and functions through exercises, movements and/or therapies, using a wide range of electrical and physical therapeutic agents such as heat, wax, electricity, infrared radiation and more.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the future is expected to be bright for physical therapists with a predicted job growth rate of 34% for 2014-2024. And those with a notch higher skills and competence can grab outstanding opportunities of growth by moving into supervisory or managerial positions, or can serve individually by setting up their own physiotherapy clinic.

Generally to gain the best paramedical skills and break-open wider job avenues, all you need is a degree from the best institution packed up with global exposure, hands-on training and vast opportunities. Driven by the need to provide quality education, Chandigarh University (CU) is a leading university envisioned to provide quality education in varied fields including Physiotherapy.

Over the years the need for quality healthcare professionals has been escalating and Chandigarh University, being a focused & unique academic model paves way for skilled professionals who can work at par with the rapidly growing needs and challenges of the healthcare industry.

Incorporating myriad of academic, professional and clinical training traits effectively, University Institute of Applied Health Sciences, CU, one among the Best Physiotherapy Institutes in Punjab trains the future leaders with both business acumen & comprehensive insight into the intricacies of Physiotherapy. With course scheme designed to meet the global standards and world-class infra-facilities, the university’s working model is acknowledged by all regulatory bodies unambiguously. Highly qualified & experienced faculty ensures that the students are groomed both personally and professionally in accordance with the latest market trends.

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