Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sell Your Skills & Experience to Potential Employers

Throughout your life, you have been doing hard to gain skills beyond what you learned in class. Your Degree is something that just speaks your area of specialization, but your Skills are much more vast than the bookish zone.

Talking about the modern work environment, it is so competitive & demanding that you need to smartly & confidently sell your skills. Here are a few tips to get this formula right-

·        Emphasize on creating a Skill-Based Resume
Firstly jot down all your skills roughly, but in your CV primarily highlight the skills that particularly fit description of your desired job position. If you want your skills to stand out more than your degree, then create a separate skills section portraying all your skills efficiently in your CV.

·        Rehearse to Talk about your Skills
Rehearse to talk about your skills that you have mentioned in your CV as it forms an outline for a part of your interview.

·        Be the Solution to the Problem
Companies always look for candidates who can solve its problem effectively & efficiently. So always prepare for an interview considering the problems hinted at the job advertisement.

·        Say "I am Good without actually saying it"
Yes... you heard it right! Until you don't bring forward your skills in front of the interviewer, you can't sell them. But the appropriate way to highlight your skills is through giving examples like-- you could talk about times when you managed time well or led team etc.

·        Record Tangible Examples of Your Accomplishments
Keeping in record your praised work via emails or feedback from clients can help you present tangible examples of your skills and great work. Such records are also valuable when it comes to annual review or applying for a new job or promotion etc.


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