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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Year 2016: When Our students made us proud at National Literary and Cult...

Expanding on its performance in the previous years, CU pushed itself forward with some wonderful performances at National level Literary and Cultural Events by our students. Watch the Video.

“It has been a great Year. Thank you all for being a part of it.”

Year 2016: When our students made us proud at International & National S...

Monday, 26 December 2016

Year 2016 Highlights - Yet Another Year of Countless Achievements!

Achievements come when you struggle to achieve something keenly. Struggling to achieve goals & manifest desires, CU students have put-in all possible efforts to make us and their parents proud. Sharing some of our achievements.

It has been a great year. Thanks for being a part of it!!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Year 2016: When CU Witnessed Utmost Bollywood Star visits!!

2016 marked the most-exciting moments as CU witnessed the utmost Bollywood & Punjabi Star visits. To Rewind all the Fun-filled & Captivating Starry moments, Hit the Play Button...

Year 2016: When Prominent International & National Personalities visited CU

Year 2016: When Prominent International & National Personalities visited #CU #campus
Year 2016 started with the hope to accomplish best & spread wings sky-high. It witnessed new friendships turning into long-standing relationships with a promise to promote #knowledge #sharing and mutual learning. Watch the Video to explore what Chandigarh University has been up to in 2016..
“It has been a great Year. Thank you all for being a part of it.”
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Year 2016: When Countless Awards Came Our Way

Year 2016: When Countless Awards Came Our Way

Celebrating Milestones-- More Awards & Rankings Added To The Legacy of Chandigarh University in 2016. Incredible things happened in 2016 when we were trying hard to impart our students with World-Class Education. Sharing some of our achievements:-

> Ranked 5th Among Top Private Engineering Institutes of North India- by The Week
> Ranked 10th Among Top Engineering Institutes of India For Industry Interface- by Outlook
> Ranked 2nd Best MBA-Finance B-School In Non-Metros Category In North- by Outlook Money
> Ranked 3rd Among Top 5 Women Friendly B-School- by Outlook Money
> Ranked 25th Among Top Private Hotel Management Institutes of India- by The Week

“It has been a great Year. Thank you all for being a part of it.”

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

10 Tips to Screw-up for Dreading Job Interview

Interviews have always been dreadful as it not only test an individual's knowledge, but also test a person's ability to use right knowledge at the right place. It was found in a research that-- no matter how experienced one is but approximately 80% of candidates suffer from Interview phobia.

Interview scenario may differ from person-to-person depending upon his/her experience & expertise, but there are a few simple,  yet really helpful tips that help you combat nerve racking interview situation.

 1. Stop Fearing Rejection:
If you are looking for a job, then before considering any of the facet like- your skills, type of job or organization you are looking for, personal grooming etc., just overcome your fear of rejection. Simply by accepting the fact that this  is just an interview, but not an end to professional journey could help one stay calm & positive throughout the interview process.

2. Know Yourself & Your Skills
Yes! It is very important to well understand yourself,  your skills, your qualities, your expert areas and how well you can serve an organization. Accordingly, looking for a job profile that well-suit your interest and qualification will automatically smoothen  your course of interview.

 3.  Never Exaggerate Your CV
Thinking of fabricating your CV to impress the interviewer? No, never ever fabricate your CV as the interviewer who has been interviewing hundred of candidates is more smart & will easily find out the fudge, creating a blunder for you. So, always be honest.

4.  Be Well-Presentable
The first impression is the last impression. So always dress in formal attire for an interview, get in the interview room with a slight smile on your face and be confident. Also, always remember to follow basic etiquette, for example- always ask permission for entering the room, wait a few seconds to be invited to sit down and more.

5. Punctuality
Always arrive early to the interview venue as punctuality is something that not only helps you through the interview, but is advantageous if practiced in everyday life. Furthermore arriving interview venue 15 minutes early can help you settle down and relax.

6.  Research the Company Before Interview
Career experts always suggest to research a company before you head in for an interview. Prior investigation of an organization will automatically raise your bar high as you will be familiar with requisite company details like its products, competitors etc.

7.  Prepare Probable Questions Beforehand
Jot-down the list of probable questions & their answers, and rehearse answers well before heading for an interview. If needed ask for help from experienced friends. Trust me (sharing this from experience) serious execution of this exercise can help you find answers for most of the Questions.

8.  Never Ever Argue with Interviewer
Whether you are trying to justify your point or anything like that, it is advisable to never ever step into any kind of argument with Interviewer during interview. Always remember to be precise with answers, as it will also keep you away from an argument. In case you don't know any answer, simply say "I don't know".

9.  Salary Struggle
When it comes to salary, demand for realistic hike considering your experience and industry benchmark. In case of freshmen kindly do your homework well before requesting salary.

10. Conclude on a Positive Note

No matter how hard the interview episode has been, make sure to conclude on a positive & cordial note.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Know How to Beat Exam Stress

8 Ideal Ways to Combat Exam Stress

If you're one of many who get stressed & sweat as the date of the exam approaches near, then we have a few tips for you that will help you combat and overstep those unavoidable anxious moments.

1. Keep-at-Bay from Distractions- Distractions here includes social media, friends and all. However, it is hard to completely detach yourself from the world outside, but avoiding above said things while keeping in mind the end goal and time-frame will ease your preparation process.

2. Start studying pretty well at least a day or two before the exam- Schedule things accordingly well before, so that you stay calm and get a sufficient time for revision, as revisions are more important than the actual study.

3. Listen to Soothing Music- Music elevates mood and creates a positive environment while encouraging you to study more effectively. Ear soothing music is suggested as the best to boost your brain power.

4. Stay Relaxed- Try to stay relaxed by performing meditation as it is one of the most effective ways to take a break. It improves mental as well as physical health along with reducing pre-exam stress.

5. Instead of mugging concentrate on Understanding Concepts- Yes, this is true; copying things from the textbook into your brain without understanding the essence of the topic will stay in your mind for short term only whereas deep insight to concept makes learning easy and lasting.

 6. Make Learning Fun- Make your learning fun by relating concepts to things. Also, if you can manage to have 'study buddy', use the opportunity to test each other on topics you have learned so far.

7. Get Enough Sleep- Remember, it is hard to keep-in mind abundant of complicated concepts without getting enough sleep. So, never underestimate the importance of sleep even during exams.

8.    Eat healthily and exercise-  Yes, you’ve heard it before. Because it’s true! Taking care of your body is the best way to help your brain function well. Steer clear of too much caffeine. Get active, even when you don’t feel like it. It honestly boosts your energy and helps you to focus better, even if it’s just 10 minutes of dancing to your favourite music in your room.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

CU shines at 1st Open All India University Taekwondo Championship

Team Chandigarh University shines at 1st Open All India University Taekwondo Championship 2016

Bags 5 Medals at Taekwondo Championship 2016

The Taekwondo team of Chandigarh University Gharuan has bagged 5 Medals (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze) during the recently concluded 1st Open All India University Taekwondo Championship 2016 organized by All India University Taekwondo Council (AIUTC) at Tyag Raj Stadium, New Delhi. Teams from more than 27 Universities all over India participated in the All India University Taekwondo Championship 2016. In girls category of events, Harjinder Kaur won Gold Medal in the under 57 kg (Featherweight) category, while Raksha Goswami won Bronze Medal in the under 46 kg (Fin weight) category. In the boys category, Harpreet Singh won Gold Medal in the under 80 kg (Welter Weight), Aseem Singh Sodhi won Silver in the over 87 kg (Heavyweight), while Vikas Siwach won Bronze Medal in under 74 kg (Lightweight) category.

Harjinder Kaur, CU won gold by beating Harsimran Kaur from Punjab University, Chandigarh in a nail biting finish with a score 4-2, 3-2, 4-4, 5-3 in the finals while Raksha Goswami won Bronze Medal by beating Rajni from Kurukshetra University with a 3 round score 5-3, 6-2, 5-5. In the boys category, Harpreet Singh beat All India Inter-University Gold Medalist of 2015, Rahul Sharma from Punjabi University, Patiala with a 4-7, 6-3, 8-4 score, while Aseem Singh Sodhi bagged silver by beating Krish Bhasin from MDU Rohtak with the score of 8-2, 9-1 in a clean sweep semi-final match. In yet another match, Vikas Siwach won Bronze Medal by beating Samrat from IGI College, Delhi University with a score of 6-2, 4-9, 10-4.

While congratulating the winners on their performance, Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University said that the students at Chandigarh University are encouraged at levels and more than 233 sports students have been given admission under the sports quota for which the University is giving 100% fee scholarship along with free hostel, diet and training facilities to the students.