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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Two Day ‪‎Workshop on “‪‎Gesture ‪‎Based ‪‎Robotics"

Two Day ‪‎Workshop on “‪‎Gesture ‪‎Based ‪‎Robotics"
‪‎EEE ‪‎Department organized Two Day Workshop on “Gesture Based Robotics" on 21-22 August 2015 in association with ‪‎Roboversity (‪‎IIT‪‎Kanpur). This was continuation workshop by which national competition would be held among selected participants from the nodal center.
EEE department of Chandigarh University was a NODAL center in North India and ten students got selected and will compete with other teams at ‪‎College of ‪‎Engineering, Pune in month of January 2016. It was an inter disciplinary event and total number of participants are 40 (including ME, CSE, ECE & PARENT DEPARTMENT EEE Students)

Friday, 28 August 2015

Business Analytics- The New Fore-Ground for Greater Business Performance

Do you know what your business will hold for you in the future?

The world’s data is doubling every 1.2 Years, There are 7 Billion people in the world and
IBM generates about 2.5 Quintillion Bytes of data every day from consumer transaction, communication devices and other interactions.

The volume of data available to businesses today is completely staggering. But they are not enough to understand the true competitive advantage. In order to understand what is going to happen in the future we need a system that can peek in the future.

IBM Business analytics combines the business information with analytic skills to provide innovative business insights. The way to look forward is with business analytics tools. Based on detailed analysis of these processes we tackle some of the key challenges the businesses face today and what customers think about you and your products, making the customer interactions more effective, how to truly understand your business processes and detect frauds timely and take corrective measures. This analytical tool provides a variety of solution that ornates and optimizes the processes for managing sales people, wining solutions for Territory Management, Quota Management, Incentive Compensation Management and Predictive Analytics and Business Analytics. In a way it gives a knowledge on how to stream line every aspect of your business, giving a better insight into past, present and future.

In simple words it’s an open learning initiative that allows to analyze data and find the answers a particular business needs. It’s a way through which you can quickly and accurately identify which areas need attention and improvements. By highlighting key tends and coronation you can create tangible benefits and strengthen business performance. It makes a visual of huge data for a smarter, faster and better informed decisions.

With the power of analytics you will realize what your potential is. It’s about understanding customers and finding new ways to keep them engaged in an innovative and mutually benefit way. It helps to predict where the traffic is going to accumulate more in the coming years. 

IBM Business Analytics is an industry integrated major at Chandigarh University that makes the student learn full range of skills required to become a Business Analytic. This innovative tool provides the fleet of solutions for business operations. It will be the next battle ground for competitive differentiation and performance improvement. In the coming years we are not going to talk about analytics, rather it will be usual way of doing things. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Enticing world of Entre-preneurship & Solopreneurship

Why should you become an Entrepreneur?

The seed of the need of entrepreneurship in a way was realized and sowed long time back by Mahatma Gandhi and many other farsighted Indians who pointed out the importance of creating ourselves, of being self-reliant, of being the masters of our own production, of using our raw materials and being the proprietors of our finished products.

Where India is a thriving resourceful & knowledgeable society, the need of the hour is to expand our knowledge horizon and become opportunistic and adapt to the changing market scenarios. What we need to learn in this rapidly changing market scenario is how to bring all our key inputs together for creating a productive end product.  

Why is there a need to have indigenous Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is all about promoting small businesses which are an essential part of our future economic prosperity because they lead to employment generation. In a way, it is a low cost strategy of economic development, job creation and technical innovation. Stemming from Entrepreneurship is a new concept of Solopreneurship. Solopreneurship is not about setting a goal rather creating a habit sustainable and appropriate to grow and start something solely on your own.

How you become an Entrepreneur/ Solopreneur?

The first and the foremost thing regarding becoming an entrepreneur is to create a compelling idea. The business world is full of ideas, your idea need not be very different but should have a different approach towards your goal than your competitors.

The second important step is to research on the best and suitable market for your idea where it can it can materialize and flourish.

Determine what you can risk. Entrepreneurship is always a game of risk and reward, but often the risk is greater (especially in the beginning). Take stock of all your assets and figure out how much money (and time and energy) you actually have to invest.

Along with this creating a business plan by researching every aspect and then strategies on robust marketing. Today, the digital media is a great way to market your business and reach your target audience in a cost effective manner.

Becoming an entrepreneur is all about learning a smarter way to handle your business. Since entrepreneurship promotes small business, government have realized that this concept plays a pivotal role in the economic development of a country. Entrepreneurship is the key that can unbolt India's latent inventive potential and help in the Govt’s MAKE IN INDIA initiative. It will not only push India to the forefront of the world but also help raise the quality of life in the country. With this belief Entrepreneurship Cell of Chandigarh University targets to help in the development of India's entrepreneurial dream by enabling easy and efficient interaction between aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, INVESTORS, venture capitalists and corporate. It is an initiative of CU, to provide services among its faculty, alumni and students as well as people of the region to start their own venture by nurturing their entrepreneurship skills, and to create in line with the social objectives of Govt. of India.

So, let’s get started for becoming the next entrepreneur or Solopreneur… The way forward

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Seven times National Wushu Champion, Supriya Sah is now a part of Chandigarh University. Hailing from Bihar and pursuing Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) from Chandigarh University, she is 7 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal and 2 Bronze medal winner at various National level WUSHU Championships. Inculcating such meritorious students in the CU family is a great inspiring moment for Chandigarh University where we commit to provide platform and scholarships for them to grow and for others to seek inspiration. 

Wushu, a form of contemporary Chinese martial arts is an exhibition of performance with martial applications. Wushu is predominated by quickness, explosive power, and natural, relaxed movement combining with strength, speed with flawless techniques and fierce intent with effortless execution.

Committed to our corporate Social Responsibility we provide a platform to all our sport stars and super achievers where they can excel in their excellence through our encouraging environment and scholarship benefits.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Want UNDO SEND feature in your Gmail LEARN HOW?

Why do you need an UNDO SEND feature?
Well it’s very simple. If while sending your email you realize that you have missed an error or any typing mistake, or had not attached the required document, or have by mistakenly sent an email, don’t panic just click on UNDO SEND.

Was it not there on Gmail??
For those who never found this feature or are not aware about it. A hidden feature for 60 years, Gmail has now officially made an announcement about their UNDO SEND feature in Gmail.
How to get it?

It’s very simple

1.       Log on to your Gmail account
2.       Click on the reload icon
3.       Then navigate to the settings icon on the top right of your Gmail page
4.       Choose settings
5.       In the general tab scroll down and choose the ninth option that says ENABLE UNDO SEND
6.       Choose the max time you want this UNDO feature to say activated per mail sent
7.       Don’t forget to save the changes by scrolling down

How to use it?
Whenever you realized that you have missed an error and have sent the email. A bright yellow message will appear on the top of your screen prompting your message has been sent. UNDO VIEW MESSAGE. Just click it to incorporate the changes you want.

That’s all. Happily use the UNDO SEND feature now whenever required.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mechanical Engineering and its Scope

Department of Applied Sciences organized an Expert Talk on 11th August, 2015. Dr. Rahul S.
Mulik, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, IIT Roorkee.
delivered the expert talk on the topic “ Mechanical Engineering and its Scope “ in Chandigarh University. Around 300 students of Ist year Mechanical Engineering attended the Expert talk.

Dr. Mulik enlightened the students about importance of Mechanical Engineering and its industrial applications. He focussed on the interdisciplinary approach of engineering from industry point of view. His approach was from simple to complex as he made the students understand about the basics of mechanical engineering, different metallic parts like Springs (as Shock absorbers) ,Breaks, Bearing, Pipes , Automobile Engines etc. His lecture was an eye opener for the students about new research going on in the field of Mechanical engineering.

He also gave brief knowledge about multi dimensional scope of the mechanical engineering in each and every field like Automobiles, Industry, Teaching, Research, Civil, Aeronautical Technology, Space Technology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Thermal engineering etc.

Slogan Writing Competition on Cyber Terrorism

It’s Slogan Writing Competition on Cyber Terrorism

CSE department at Chandigarh University is organizing slogan writing competition on 13 August 2015, at Seminar Hall 513, Block – I at 11:30 a.m. Let your creative bend of mind pen down the perfect 10- 15 WORDS slogan for voicing Cyber terrorism, a digital menace that needs to be curbed at its onset.  Bring your colors and drawing paper & other required items and most important don’t forget to bring your ID CARDS. For any other information contact Ms. Sugandha Sharma – 8283811250. See you at the competition.


1) Only one participant per team.
2) Participants need to bring their own material.
  Details of the material is as under:
 i) Use of any kind of colors is allowed.
 ii) Drawing board and drawing pins.
 iii) Pencil, Eraser, Brush (If using poster colors or water colors).
 iv) Use of scale and compass are allowed.
  v) Use of stencil is not allowed. 
  vi) Any kind of white drawing sheet of half of full sheet size is allowed.
3) Outlining with pen or brush is allowed.
4) The participant should have ID CARD with them.
5) The child has to complete his/ her poster with in half hour.
6) All drawing sheet will be the whole sole property of the organizer after competition.
7) Decision of the judges will be the final.
8) The slogan should be in minimum 10 or maximum 15 words.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Mango Festival 2015


All crazy MANGO lovers it’s time for you to bring your craziness on the plate. University Institute of Hotel Management brings you MANGO FESTIVAL on 11th August to celebrate the rich delicacy of the KING OF FRUITS. Register with your enticing MANGO dish recipe from 3rd August – 11th August, 2015. Attractive prizes will be awaiting you!! To take part download and fill the registration form from UIMS portal and submit at the UIHM travel desk in academic Block II.