Monday, 1 June 2015

CU launches University Institute of Media Studies

Digital Media holds key for Freedom of Press world-over: Kuldip Nayar

Chandigarh University launches University Institute of Media Studies

The Challenges & Opportunities in the New Age Media also known as Digital Media were discussed during a Panel Discussion on “New Age Media Grooming- Emerging Horizons & Changing Avenues” organized by Chandigarh University on the occasion the Launching Ceremony of their Media School, University Institute of Media Studies (UIMS). Veteran Journalist & Renowned Columnist, Mr. Kuldip Nayar presided over the Panel Discussion as key-note speaker which was joined in by Mr. Siddharth Zarabi, Executive Editor, Bloomberg India TV, Mr. Jyoti Kamal, Senior Editor, CNN, Mr. Ritesh Lakhi, Editor-in-Chief, Focus TV and Ms. Ritul Joshi, TV Host & News Presenter.

Digital Media holds promising new avenues, challenges and can become key to freedom of Press all over the world said Mr. Kuldip Nayar. While guiding the young journalists to focus on detailed analysis of facts before filing a story in any kind of Media, Kuldip Nayar said “Writing news is profession that comes with loads of 
responsibility and it should be practiced as millions of people rely on what is being printed in Newspaper or shown on News Channel”.  The rise of Digital Media has connected more and more persons to the social issues that are currently prevailing our society and the voice of common man raising their concerns can be suppressed anymore, added Kuldip Nayar. 

“With New Age Media, the Media Industry is on the verge of revamping itself into a new avatar” said Mr. Siddharth Zarabi. Youth who wants to pursue their career in Mass Communication or Journalism have great opportunities because India is all set to become the 3rd largest country in terms of Internet penetration with just USA & China ahead of us, added Siddharth. While describing the role of Social Media as important, Mr. Zarabi said “With more than 40 million Twitter active accounts, social media plays a decisive role in putting certain view-point on a particular happening”.

While congratulating the Chandigarh University for its launch of Media School, Mr. Jyoti Kamal said that “University Institute of Media Studies (UIMS) will play a vital role in preparing Industry ready professionals as they would be offering all these modern media verticals in their curriculum. While providing another picture of social media, Ms. Ritul Joshi said “Although digital media has come a long way, yet about 40% of the content that is published on-line is done without any verification of facts that can lead to misinterpretation by the viewers”. 

“Digital Media has offered new avenues like blogging, tweet, corporate media, entrepreneurship in the field of advertising, public relationship management and many more which otherwise didn’t existed in past times” said Ritesh Lakhi. “UIMS at Chandigarh University would offer multi-career options for the students who choose mass communication as their career option” said Satnam Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University. To begin with UIMS would offer 60 seats each in Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate programs in mass communication and journalism from this session, Sandhu added.


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