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Emerging Area in the Field of Research, Medicine and Genetic Science

Emerging Area in the Field of Research, Medicine and Genetic Science – Join BioTechnology @ Chandigarh University

Interdisciplinary branch of science that is swiftly gaining significance and opportunities for youngsters who want to discover the new frontiers of science are colossal; the name of the discipline is Biotechnology. The study of Biotechnology is a blend of subjects related Biology and subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering,  Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Virology and Immunology. It is associated with other subjects such as Health and Medicine, Cropping System and Crop Management, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Soil Science and Soil Conservation, Ecology, Bio-statistics, Cell Biology, Seed Technology, Plant Physiology etc. Biotechnology features the use of living cells and bacteria in the industrial process. Biotechnology can be applied in developing various vaccines, medicines and diagnostics, improving energy production and conservation and increasing productivity. There is a great scope for career in biotechnology in India as well as abroad.  And as far as employment is concerned, it has become one of the fast growing sectors. Employment record shows that biotechnology has a great scope in future. Bio-technologists can find careers with pharmaceutical companies, chemical, agriculture and allied industries. They can be employed in the areas of planning, production and management of bio-processing industries. There is a large scale employment in research laboratories run by the government as well as the corporate sector. Biotechnology is a field with good job prospects. No other country has the unique set of advantages that India offers for large-scale practice of biotechnology. Biotechnology, a combination of biology and technology is an applied science. The concepts derived from this dissimilar mix of sciences are applied to biological matter, generally living cells, for developing new and improved biological and industrial products. Most of the work done by professionals engaged in biotechnology is concerned with research and development works in various laboratories.

Career prospects:
As there is increasing popularity and explosive growth, there is plenty of opportunities available in Biotechnology field.  India has become one of the best destinations for biotechnology industry due to good network of research laboratories, rich biodiversity, well developed base industries, rich agriculture sector and trained manpower. The biotechnology professionals can get good jobs in the pharmaceutical companies, agricultural, chemical and allied industries. They can get the employment in the areas of production, planning and management of bio processing industries. The biotechnologists have a great scope in the research laboratories. The biotechnologists in India get employed in various government-based and private universities and research institutes as research scientists or assistants. 
Biotechnology assimilates in itself a number of disciplines. Further, there is a great demand for biotechnical experts in countless industries and sectors. The following are applications where biotechnological techniques are used extensively:

• Agriculture
• Animal Husbandry 
• Environment Conservation
• Genetic Engineering
• Health Care 
• Medicine 
• Industrial Research and Development

Career opportunities for students in biotechnology abound. Those specialising in different sub-disciplines of this field can easily find jobs in both private and government sector undertakings. If you have acquired a post-graduate degree in biotechnology then you can easily find a suitable position in a number of industries. 

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