Friday, 24 April 2015

Big Data will create Big Jobs by 2020

Big Data will create Big Jobs by 2020

Looking for a course in Computer Science? Consider Big Data & Data analytics– hot areas that IT companies may recruit people by 2020, says the popular International magazine Forbes.

There is a growing demand of skills on big data and analytics mixed with business and management education. Consulting firm McKinsey estimates that India alone would need 2 lakh data scientists in the next few years, whereas US would require 20 lacs Big Data professionals in next 4 years. Chandigarh University offers a unique opportunity to students who wish to undertake Computer Science Engineering at UG/PG level with specialization in Big Data & Data Analytics for which Admission 2015 has started.
Reason for Increase in Demand for Big Data Experts in coming years

Data explosion
Analytics professionals and data scientists will be most sought after as digital data is growing exponentially. The rate of explosion of data from India will be double that of the world average in coming years. With the rising popularity of big data, firms dealing in Insurance, Banking, Travel & Tourism Industry would require more & more Data analytics professionals and data scientists to create a competitive edge.

India will remain the preferred destination for Big Data & analytics outsourcing compared with the Philippines and China. Unlike BPOs, analytics requires are not easily available in those countries. India’s analytics talent pool will be in high demand because of their process expertise and English language proficiency which means that passing out engineers in the field of Big Data from India would have plenty of job opportunities. Salaries in the analytics industry have been increasing faster than the average for the last 10 years. This trend will continue in 2014 as well.

Entry level salary

The entry level annual salary for data analytics professional is Rs. 6-9 lakh while it is Rs. 5-8 lakh for big data professionals. These could be higher depending on experience and skills, the academy said.

Online job portals like and too feel that data analytics and cloud computing will be the top picks in 2014.

India is poised to surpass US in terms of number of Internet users and with a rapid penetration of mobile devices, we can expect huge demand in the sectors such as Internet, mobile application development, social and digital media experts, he said.

Chandigarh University, in collaboration with IBM, has become the first university in North India to design a program in Big Data for engineering students and professionals
. The program has been cultivated under the guidance of IBM, and the program has been introduced as the modern IT sector has a surging employment potential for professionals in this field.  


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