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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Success Story of Prominent Alumni and Successful Entrepreneur

Chandigarh University is not a place for people who want to enjoy college life; it is a place for people who have dreams to achieve something big, something that is not accessible to everyone.

In my view, Chandigarh University is a wonderful platform for young aspirants. By taking admission in Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication at Chandigarh University, I felt I will be able to achieve my dreams. It provided me with the necessary and sufficient training which made me more prepared for my future career. After completing my bachelor's in journalism from Baramulla college I joined Chandigarh university for my masters in journalism and mass communication there I learned what journalism is actually. Once I passed out from the university I was all aware of the media and the management. I planned to start my own channel, hence launched -- Kashmir Now News Channel and now i am the successful entrepreneur and managed to provide new job opportunities among Journalism students. Currently, 25 Journalists/ reporters are working with me from different parts of the Jammu and Kashmir.

I am a product of CU, are You?
Think of Journalism.  Think CU..

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Success Story of Prominent Alumni

Success Story of Prominent Alumni - RAMASHISH BYAHUT

ChandigarhUniversity was established with the Vision “to be globally recognized as a Centre of Excellence for Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and disseminating knowledge by providing inspirational learning to produce professional leaders for serving the society”. The University was set up with the mission of engaging students as learners and groom them as professional leaders in an intellectually challenging and contemporary diverse environment. With this vision and mission, the University offers various courses and fosters quality professionals for every sector of society.

Ramashish Byahut is one of the alumni of Chandigarh University, who is proving the Vision and Mission of the University in Legal Field at the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

After pursuing his Graduation and Post-Graduation from Panjab University, Chandigarh, Ramashish joined the University Institute of Legal Studies at ChandigarhUniversity in 2015 to purse his Degree in Law. Being an intelligent and a bright student from the very beginning, Ramashish has many achievements to his credit, both as a student and now as a Professional.

Being a student of UILS, CU, Ramashish not only topped in Academics but also touched new milestones in extra-curricular activities, which helped him to learn the minutest details of the profession and thus, motivated him to pursue his a profession in the field of law, and as a result, he is doing very well in his Profession. Participation in National Moot Court Competition, Special Chancellor Award at Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar (Central University), Lucknow, internship at Punjab State Human Rights Commission and assisting successful Advocates at the Punjab and Haryana High Court, are some of the ladder steps, which Ramashish climbed at CU to achieve his Professional targets.

After graduating from CU in 2018, Ramashish Byahut joined Jurisconsultus International Law Firm in Chandigarh, where he successfully dealt with many International Cases and Arbitration matters. Thereafter, Ramashish joined the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh and is heading towards setting up a very flourishing practice at the Bar.

We wish Ramashish Byahut a GREAT SUCCESS in the future also. 

#CU #ChandigarhUniversity #AlumniSuccessStory

Success Story of Talented Alumnus of Chandigarh University

Career Story as generously shared by Ankit Bhat himself:

ChandigarhUniversity students have a history of achieving their dreams and soaring beyond boundaries and I am one of them. Nothing makes me more proud than being able to talk about my own success.”

Ankit Bhat, narrates further:

“My journey at CU was truly great. Being in CU, I feel like I have achieved a lot. I hail from Jammu and when I took admission in the diploma course in Chandigarh University it was the first time that I had moved out of my city. During my days in CU, the teachers were very supportive. Getting placement after diploma was like a cherry on the cake for me. Though, I wanted to study further so I decided to pursue Mass communication instead of a job.

On successful completion of the Mass Communication examination, I secured a job in TV100 channel in Uttrakhand. Due to my lustrous achievements in TV Channel, Dehradun I was awarded the Young Journalist Award, which was a big achievement for me. After that, I moved to New Delhi to work with JK 24 x7. In JK 24X7, I got a precious and very rare opportunity which a young journalist can ever dream of. This opportunity was to meet the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi. I covered crime stories and got the opportunity to cover Uttrakhand assembly elections and the J&K Assembly session.
I covered both these events very successfully. After this, I got a call from News 18 Network to work in Jammu and Kashmir. This was my life’s another greatest opportunity which my hard work offered to me. I joined in Jammu and at that time the International border was full of tension. At that time, I covered Pakistan shelling at the international border. I also survived the militant attack in Jhajjar Kotli (in Jammu region near Katra Vaishno Devi ji) where journalists got caught in the crossfire between terrorists and the security forces. At this juncture, I thought that this was my last day of life as the bullets passed above my head during cross-firing. At the age of 25, I got the opportunity to become the Youngest Bureau Head in J8K State. 

I think all these opportunities came my way because of Chandigarh University. I would like to thank the faculty and Management of the University because of whose support I was able to achieve such a glorious success. I was ushered with excellent academic and personal guidance from a very inspiring class of professors of CU who shaped my career and gave me the right direction. I feel highly honored to get such world-class education from my alma mater i.e. CU.”

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Success Story of Prominent Alumni Marila Laif

Success Story of Prominent Alumni - Marila Latif 

Chandigarh University is not a place for people who want to enjoy college life; it is a place for people who have dreams to achieve something big, something that is not accessible to everyone. In my view, Chandigarh University is a wonderful platform for young aspirants. By taking admission in Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication at Chandigarh University, I felt I will be able to achieve my dreams. It provided me with the necessary and sufficient training which made me more prepared for my future career. After passing the degree I got a lucrative job in Hindustan Times, a well known English National Daily as a Journalist with Headquarters in Srinagar. I worked there for 4 months and thereafter joined the Free Press Kashmir as a Reporting Specialist.  Presently I am working in the capacity of Sub Editor in The Political Edge.

The nature of my course at CU taught me multitasking and multi-functioning. Now, I am an experienced Journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the newspaper industry, skilled in Short Films, Writing, Film Photography, Adobe Photoshop, and Mass Communication. Presently I am working in the capacity of a News Anchor in Kashmir Walla. It's indeed a great achievement for me.

The curriculum of CU has been structured systematically, aptly matching the industry standards. I am always thankful to the faculty of the university whose proper guidance, direction, motivation have made me a successful professional. I would like to recommend CU to everyone, who has dreams to reach the utmost heights and most importantly has the courage to dream big.

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Friday, 19 July 2019

Noble Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka at Chandigarh University

Globalization is inevitable yet it should be controlled to protect our local culture: says Noble Laureate Prof. Prof. Wole Soyinka

Prof. Wole Soyinka world renowned writer, poet who has been awarded with Noble Prize in 1986 in the field of Literature- the first to be won by any African was today at campus of Chandigarh University to interact with the students of School of Language and Literature. The interactive session began with the lighting of lamp ceremony to which the noble laureate said, “This is a very beautiful ritual as the light or torch symbolizes existence of civilization as lighting of lamp is same as that of lighting to lives through literacy and I come from a country where I understand its importance so therefore I will copy this tradition to my native place, Abeokuta, Nigeria”. On his first visit to India, he said, “I think I have learned something and enriched myself with a new thought that will help me in my personal growth as an individual, as a human being”.   

While replying to the question of a student, Whether Globalization is taking us back to the era of colonization? The noble laureate said, “Globalization is inevitable and it has is presence ever since the origin of society due to religion or trade between civilizations that existed in early era”. On the positive side of globalization has resulted into sharing of ideas and processes while on the negative side the process is turning the population of third world countries as a cheap labor market for the highly developed societies of the world. Cultural globalization is the most pernicious form because culture also rides on technology and when technology comes from outside (developed nations) and it proliferates it our lives such that we cannot do without it then it dilutes out identity. So we can’t avoid globalization but we can control it by preserving our individual cultures because it is a question of cultural security which will preserve our true essence despite of new technology entering our lives. Globalization should be multi-directional traffic and not just one way traffic where powerful cultural values take over weak cultural values just because they have strong economies.      

On the question of maintaining purity of language in the modern society, Prof. Soyinka said, “Language is tool which is used to communicate the thoughts and ideas from one society to another and when it gets communicated then there might be change in the essence of what you really want to communicate”. With times and changing technology  language also tends to evolve by adding new vocabulary or words but the purity of language needs to be maintained because when a language dies then a society on a whole looses a culture. There are many languages which are on the verge of extinction which means they are not being taught to the younger generation anymore so how will we know about the richness of the cultures that the people who once used to speak those endangered languages use to practice in their society. With end of one generation the language will also die in such cases and it is dangerous for the society.

“It is very difficult to teach creative writing as a subject but according to me the best way to improve writing skills for the budding writers is to share their writings whatsoever be it poetry or philosophy or literature with their own peer groups and then let there be critics who will criticize your language, vocabulary or thoughts which will improve the talent of writing” said Prof. Soyinka. This method is any day better than a teacher teaching the method of creative writing.   

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Engineering Students Graduation Day 2019 - Chandigarh University


#Engineering pass outs!

Chandigarh University’s Annual Convocation 2019 (Engineering pass outs) commenced with the ceremonial procession of distinguished guests led by the doctoral faculty and senior academicians of Engineering to the University auditorium - The Pinnacle. The Future technologists received their degrees, the faculty in attendance, and the members of management honoring the students with degrees, are dressed up in formal regalia. Have a look.

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CU inks MoU with TCS to offer Industry-backed BE - CSBS Program

#CU inks MoU with #TCS to offer Industry-backed BE - CSBS Program
Chandigarh University in partnership with India’s No. 1 & Prestigious IT Company - #TataConsultancyServices introduces exclusive 4-year Specialized #Engineering Program -- 'BE - Computer Science and Business Systems' (CSBS). This industry-backed program is designed by TCS & approved by #AICTE, and addresses the growing need of engineering talent with skills in digital technology.