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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Imagination, Innovation, and creation help the artist within us stay alive | Fine Arts at CU

Imagination, Innovation, and creation help the artist within us stay alive

Indians have always been artistic people and their arts have been a way of life for all of us. This can be traced back to centuries and the colorful cave paintings at Bhimbetka are a testimony of the same. As the pages of antiquity crooked, various artistic marvels of the Indus Valley Civilisation such as pottery, clay work, and other handmade effects attracted the world towards It. Let us not forget that following our independence from the colonial British it was India that made the entire world see the artistic geniuses of the likes of the famous painter M F Hussain. Thus, it is obvious that for a country with an absolutely rich and widespread artistic history as India, there is a huge chunk of the young population who are interested to explore the artist within them.

Fine art is pursued by those who have an artist hidden in them. Fine Art is something that is made purely for beautiful purposes, just for looking pretty or sounding beautiful. Fine Arts typically include areas like sculpture, painting, sketching, music, printmaking, etc. There is a lot of scopes to explore in the field of fine arts as one can work for museums, private collectors, art galleries, etc. or come back to the roots and teach a new generation of students.

By going into Fine Arts, you keep your options open by opting for a generic education, which will form a base for any further specialized education that you want to take up in the future. The Bachelor of Fine arts is a 4-year program which is spreads across one's visualization skills and relates to arts such as drawing and sketching. It helps the students to have a skillful career ahead that is creative and brings out the artist in you.
There are various job opportunities that a student of fine arts can obtain. One can opt for being a 3D artist, art director, graphic artists/designer, editor, art teacher, production artist, furniture designed, creative director, art critic, music teacher, set designer, freelance workers, senior graphic designer, sr. art director, and can render their own self towards various lucrative opportunities that are laid ahead for them. Also, there are specific careers that one can make out of Fine Arts such as animation, several types of designing such as interior designing, graphic designing, and other careers such as visual communication.

Ranked among the top arts colleges in Punjab, University Institute of Film and Visual arts promotes the overall expansion of artistic skills of the students and the manifestation of their creative processes. You will gain a strong groundwork in traditional art forms like drawing, painting, and sculpture, with far-reaching studies in video, installation, performance, photography and digital imaging.

Join Chandigarh University and let the artist within you speak volumes about the talent it possesses.