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Monday, 24 April 2017

CU brings out the best in me. Give yourself an opportunity – JOIN CU

Who says you have to compromise your dream to fulfill your parents? At Chandigarh University we are given opportunities to learn in an interdisciplinary field with more than 70 open electives and guided support that let's you follow your passion and fulfill your parent's dream. Because, It's not just place to Study, But who you Become!

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“Where the needs of world and your passion across, there lies your CAREER and there comes CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY”. I dream of turning my passion into reality and my passion was given a at CU.   Here I pursued my passion with acclaimed professional guidance, 70 + open electives, research oriented environment, international outlook and a lot more. As a curator and CU gave a high context approach not only to my careers but to my life –BECAUSE AT CU IT’S ALL about WHO YOU BECOME. Apply Now at

Friday, 7 April 2017

Leading MNCs ties-up with Chandigarh University to prepare Industry ready professionals

Leading MNCs ties-up with Chandigarh University to prepare Industry ready professionals

IBM, Microsoft, HP, Volvo-Eicher, M&M, Hyundai establishes centers at campus   

As the technologies used by Industry is fast changing it becomes necessary for the academic institutions to establish real-time interface with Industry where experts from corporate develop the training module themselves based upon their industry experience which incorporates training on emerging & latest technologies.  Chandigarh University has emerged as pioneer towards establishing rich Industry-Academia Interface so as to impart value addition in the professional education.

The University has become the 1st University to have constituted Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) where think-tanks of the corporate world which comprises of CEOs, COOs, Vice-Presidents come on-board to prepare a road-map for future that includes discussion & preparation of Industry oriented course curriculum, training module, skills which student should posses and campus placements. There are more than corporate leaders from more than 100 top Multi-National Companies from diversified fields of IT, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Hospitality, Retail, Civil & Infrastructure, Telecommunication, Banking & Insurance, e-Commerce, Automation & others.

Chandigarh University students are subject to undergo their academic learning as per the curriculum prepared by the Industry which means the future professionals are trained as per the corporate expectations. As a result, the employability skills are inculcated in the students which improves their chances of getting absorbed during the campus placements.   

Benefits for the Students
  • Course Curriculum prepared by Industry
  • Training & Certification on Emerging Technologies
  • Technology Labs established by Industry
  • Industry Experts as Faculty
  • Certification by Industry
  • Summer & Industry Internship
  • Enhances employability skills among the students
  • Opportunity to work on Industry sponsored Live Projects
  • Preference during Campus Placements 

Tie-ups in IT Sector
North India’s 1st Microsoft Innovation Centre, North India’s 1st HP Centre-of-Excellence, India’s 1st Software Lab for Emerging Technologies, Wipro Mission 10x Lab, Oracle Academy, North India’s 1st Tech-Mahindra IMS Lab

Tie-ups in Automobile Sector
India’s 1st Mahindra & Mahindra T-School, India’s 1st Volvo-Eicher Training Academy, India’s 1st Hyundai Professional Development Centre

Tie-ups in Civil Sector
Glass Academy Foundation

Tie-ups in Communication Sector
CISCO Networking Academy, Videocon Advanced Communication Lab

Tie-ups in Bio-Pharma Sector
IVY Hospital, Helios Pharmaceuticals, Chandigarh Agritech, Helix Laboratories, Allele Life Sciences, Pharma Instinctis & Oniosome Healthcare

Tie-ups in Hospitality & Tourism Sector
Training Academies by Top ranked 5 star Hotel Group, Intercontinental Group, Taj Group, Fly Wings Training Academy

Tie-ups in Banking & Financial Sector

World’s Leading Accounting Software Management Company, Tally India’s leading private sector financial company ICICI direct along with FLIP (Education partner Infosys-Finacle)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

RESEARCH AT CU – To Respond and Lead

This is indeed a research age. In an era where innovation drives competition, development and national prosperity, and where social, economic, cultural, environmental and political challenges are increasingly diffused across geographical borders, it has never been more critical for research to respond—and lead—in a global vein. We only need to look around us and the technologies we use and rely on in our day-to-day lives to appreciate the momentous value and contribution of research.

A defining characteristic of Chandigarh University is RESEARCH.
Chandigarh University is deeply committed to emphasize the importance and value of research—at the institutional level and further afield, both domestically and internationally.

Every day students and faculty at CU perform research and innovation and with our consistent efforts we have set up an advanced research culture and system. In many cases, these truly transformative innovations and successes are not achieved in isolation but are the outcomes of collaborative research efforts both domestically and internationally. Further to give our research objectives a proper shape we at CU have established University Centre for Research and Development (UCRD).

With the collaborative efforts of our faculty, students and experts  we have achieved more than 25 patent fields, set up more than 50 departmental research groups, more than 1200 research papers published in National and International journals and more. With the combined efforts of research faculty and students we have achieved various feathers of success to our research cap like – curing Asthmatic allergies, ergonomically designed bicycle, correction of bone deformities. Currently our young researchers at CU are focussing on the core areas of macro-nano technology, computational biology, biomedical engineering, clean energy and environment and so on. Different departments at CU have organised separate research groups to carry on an organised research at CU.
To secure the efforts and to encourage the spirit of innovation of our trained faculty and enthusiastic students, we at CU have set up Intellectual Property Right Cell (IPRC) that covers industrial Property – patents, designs, trademarks and projects and ventures initiated by our staff and students.
Collaborations of a global nature create positive impacts not just at the institutional level, but more importantly, throughout the broader community. Focussing on this approach, International research collaborations are greatly fostered and nurtured at CU. Our collaborations with more than 100 international universities helps us collaboratively to bring diversity in perspective and approach to solve the challenges of our time and generate new ideas for the future. A culture of collaborative and innovative research among Australian universities and their international peers fosters a reciprocal culture of positive transformation.
We invite you to join with us in continuing to enrich this culture of innovation through collaboration in research. The more we engage globally, the more we all prosper. This must, after all, be the primary objective of research at CU.
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