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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Emerging Area in the Field of Research, Medicine and Genetic Science

Emerging Area in the Field of Research, Medicine and Genetic Science – Join BioTechnology @ Chandigarh University

Interdisciplinary branch of science that is swiftly gaining significance and opportunities for youngsters who want to discover the new frontiers of science are colossal; the name of the discipline is Biotechnology. The study of Biotechnology is a blend of subjects related Biology and subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering,  Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Virology and Immunology. It is associated with other subjects such as Health and Medicine, Cropping System and Crop Management, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Soil Science and Soil Conservation, Ecology, Bio-statistics, Cell Biology, Seed Technology, Plant Physiology etc. Biotechnology features the use of living cells and bacteria in the industrial process. Biotechnology can be applied in developing various vaccines, medicines and diagnostics, improving energy production and conservation and increasing productivity. There is a great scope for career in biotechnology in India as well as abroad.  And as far as employment is concerned, it has become one of the fast growing sectors. Employment record shows that biotechnology has a great scope in future. Bio-technologists can find careers with pharmaceutical companies, chemical, agriculture and allied industries. They can be employed in the areas of planning, production and management of bio-processing industries. There is a large scale employment in research laboratories run by the government as well as the corporate sector. Biotechnology is a field with good job prospects. No other country has the unique set of advantages that India offers for large-scale practice of biotechnology. Biotechnology, a combination of biology and technology is an applied science. The concepts derived from this dissimilar mix of sciences are applied to biological matter, generally living cells, for developing new and improved biological and industrial products. Most of the work done by professionals engaged in biotechnology is concerned with research and development works in various laboratories.

Career prospects:
As there is increasing popularity and explosive growth, there is plenty of opportunities available in Biotechnology field.  India has become one of the best destinations for biotechnology industry due to good network of research laboratories, rich biodiversity, well developed base industries, rich agriculture sector and trained manpower. The biotechnology professionals can get good jobs in the pharmaceutical companies, agricultural, chemical and allied industries. They can get the employment in the areas of production, planning and management of bio processing industries. The biotechnologists have a great scope in the research laboratories. The biotechnologists in India get employed in various government-based and private universities and research institutes as research scientists or assistants. 
Biotechnology assimilates in itself a number of disciplines. Further, there is a great demand for biotechnical experts in countless industries and sectors. The following are applications where biotechnological techniques are used extensively:

• Agriculture
• Animal Husbandry 
• Environment Conservation
• Genetic Engineering
• Health Care 
• Medicine 
• Industrial Research and Development

Career opportunities for students in biotechnology abound. Those specialising in different sub-disciplines of this field can easily find jobs in both private and government sector undertakings. If you have acquired a post-graduate degree in biotechnology then you can easily find a suitable position in a number of industries. 

Join ChandigarhUniversity to pursue research oriented career in Bio Technology. Visit Blog for complete article

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Unique Job and Career Opportunities in Forensic Science

Career Opportunities in Forensic Science

Pursue MSc in Forensic and Toxicology program from Best forensic college in Punjab i.e. Chandigarh University. Visit website for career opportunities and fee details.

Fancy an exciting career in the wing of science? Forensic and toxicology could be the panacea for you. Toxicology involves the study of the toxic effects chemicals have on the body. The understanding of how the toxins in the substance act, when the harmfulness of the toxin may occur, and the symptoms and treatments for poisoning are all part of the study of toxicology. Forensic toxicology is used to aid in medical and legal investigations of poisoning, death, and drug use. A forensic toxicologist performs scientific tests on tissue samples and bodily fluids in order to determine whether any foreign drugs or chemicals are present in the body.

As part of a crime investigating team, a forensic toxicologist will identify substances within the body that may have caused the crime. These substances may include illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, poison, metals, other chemicals, or gasses. The job of a forensic toxicologist may also include drug-testing employees, testing environmental areas for contamination, and testing an individual for performance enhancing drugs or the presence of alien drugs. Working in a lab, the forensic toxicologist performs tests on samples collected by forensic pathologists during an autopsy or by crime scene investigators. They use highly sophisticated instruments,
chemical reagents and precise methodologies to determine the presence or absence of specific substances in the sample. The field of forensic toxicology has grown to include drug and alcohol testing for employers and traffic enforcement officials as well as testing animal samples for wildlife criminal investigators and testing for “date rape” drugs and performance-enhancing substances.

Forensic toxicologists also work on cases involving environmental contamination, to determine the impact of chemical spills on nearby populations. Investigators rely on the forensic toxicologist to make reliable conclusions about the impact a specific amount of a specific substance would have on a specific individual. Often, this requires the professional to form an educated opinion based on science and experience.

Investigators rely on the forensic toxicologist to make reliable conclusions about the impact a specific amount of a precise substance would have on a particular individual. Often, this requires the professional to form an educated opinion based on science and experience.

Career prospects (MSC in forensic toxicology):

Forensic toxicology is an exciting and rewarding profession, where science intersects with medicine and the law.  It offers the opportunity to interact with other professionals with wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise.  Forensic toxicologists may work in medical examiner laboratories, crime laboratories, military, government, or private sector facilities. Other career opportunities exist in hospitals, universities, and industry.etc

In forensic toxicology, the interpretation and communication of the results can be more challenging than the analysis itself.  The results obtained are often determined using scientific tests and procedures that are complex and difficult for most juries and lawyers to understand. Therefore, a toxicologist must have strong communication skills so the information can be presented fairly and clearly in court.

A forensic scientist must be capable of integrating knowledge and skills in the examination, analysis, interpretation, reporting, and testimonial support of evidence. Forensic science technicians investigate crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. Often, they specialize in areas such as DNA analysis or firearm examination, performing tests on weapons or on substances such as fiber, glass, hair, tissue, and body fluids to determine their significance to the investigation. Proper collection and storage methods are important to protect the evidence. Forensic Medicine / Medical jurisprudence is a science of applying medical facts to legal problems

Govt. Sector Jobs: Central Govt. Forensic Sciences Labs, State FSL's, GEQD, Police Department, Crime Branches, CBI, CID, Regional Forensic Science Laboratories, Intelligence Bureau, Banks, Defense / Army, Courts, Quality Control Bureau, Narcotics Dept, Universities, Hospitals, Organizations etc.

Private Sector Jobs: Private Detective Agencies, Private Banks, Insurance Companies, Universities, Private Hospitals, Security Services Agencies, Helpful to Lawyers / Advocates, Law Firms, Private Companies, Own Private Practice etc.

Job Titles / Posts: Forensic Expert, Forensic Scientist, Forensic Investigator, Crime Scene Investigator, Handwriting Expert, Document Expert, Document Examiner, Fraud Examiner, Forensic Analyst, Scientific Officer, Security Expert, Forensic Consultant, Detective, Investigating Officer, Teacher / Professor, Crime Reporter, Forensic Engineer, Forensic Psychologist, Fingerprint Expert, Law Consultant, Government Examiner, Instructor, Genetics Experts, Environment Analyst, Technicians, Forensic Medical Examiners, Technician etc.

Pursue MSc Forensic and Toxicology program from Best forensic college in Punjab i.e. Chandigarh University. Visit website for career opportunities and fee details.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Career Opportunity in Agri Business

Agri-business explores production, marketing and trading of products related to agriculture. The programme offered in Agri Business and Agriculture Sciences by Chandigarh University also covers improved growing techniques, agricultural machinery, fertilizer, pesticides pre- and post- harvest handling, storage, transportation, packaging and labeling. Critical management issues as financing and technical assistance, preparation of products for exports, overseas marketing issues and government policy are also an integral part of the programme. Some of the optional courses offered in an Agri-Business Management Programme are Agricultural Finance/Banking, Agro Processing, International Agriculture and Trade Policy, Logistics and Infrastructure Management in Agriculture, Marketing of Agricultural Inputs, and Management of Technology for Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Advertising etc.

Agri Business Programs in Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University has become the 1st University in Tricity (Chandigarh) to introduce University Institute of Agricultural Sciences at its campus offering UG/PG courses in the field of Agriculture and Agri-Business.

 Career Options

> Marketing manager – Agribusiness
> Research Analayst – Agricultural commodities
> Meat marketing manager
> Flour mill manager
> Agricultural loan officer
> Grain merchandiser

Career Prospects

A non-corporate sector like agriculture now is in urgent need of young & dynamic managers and entrepreneurs for improving its performance. If you have a passion for this sector and are armed with an MBA in Agribusiness Management, then the time is right for you to make it big in this industry. The agriculture scene in India is rapidly evolving and fresh agricultural graduates who have been trained in various management strategies are in great demand. There a lot of agro-based companies which have come up in the last decade which have shifted their focus from a traditional production-oriented approach to a market-oriented one. Such companies also need qualified graduates for efficient management. There has been substantial value-addition in agri-products, standardisation of the value chain, a growing interest of the private sector in the primary sector, integration of agriculture with the input supply industry as well as with processing, distribution and marketing. In fact this area is booming and offering good opportunities for the management professionals who don’t shy away from dealing with farmers or visiting rural areas.In fact there are many more agribusiness careers than there are qualified people to fill them. All this provides ample opportunities for experts in the field. There is also an increasing demand for export and processing of agricultural products. If you have entrepreneurial inclinations, this sector provides you with ample opportunities to start with your own venture.

Bright Future Awaits Agriculture Science Professionals 

17 Mega Food Parks with investment of Rs. 2100 crores will be coming up in next 4 years due to which there will be exponential jump in number of jobs offered in Agri-Business and Food Processing industry in India.

Food Processing & Agri-Business Industry in India

The students with Agriculture and Agri- business degree are easily absorbed by Government and the private sector organizations. Not only this, the demand for Agri – business degree is also very high in international markets as well. The milk and dairy industry that hires agri business professional are Cadbury, H.J.Heinz, Milk food , Mother Dairy, Nestle, Smith kline Beecham, Amul, Wockhardt etc.  Major organizations in meat, poultry and fisheries are Godrej Agrovet, hind Industries, MAFCO, Bell foods, Alkbeer exports, CDF, Venky’s etc.  Major recruiters from frozen food and vegetables industry are Dabur, HLL, MTR, priya foods, Godrej F&B, capital foods etc and in case of bakery products we have Britannia, ITC, Parle, Modern Foods, Shakti Bog, Surya Foods, Kellogg’s, and others.

Mohan Meakin, Sab Miller, United Breweries, Coca cola, Dabur, Godrej, Parle, Tata Tea, Goodricks, Assam Co, Apeejay tea are the major organizations from beverages industry that provide placements to agri business professionals. Then in the list we have Gits, Haldirams, rajbhog foods, rainbow foods, Tasty bite for ready to eat
industry. Organic food industry too is booming and some of them that are looking for agri business professionals are Adi Naturals, APOF, Era Organic, Green World, REI agro, fabIndia etc. Apart from this many big retail chains such as Big Bazar, food bazaar, reliance fresh,aadhar etc are also hiring the Agri business management graduates.

Further more , then Agribusiness management students can opt for Government sector jobs as well. To name few, these students can also look for jobs in NABARD, FCI, FACT, NAFED, JAKFED  and other departments under ministry of agriculture.Entrepreneurship is another field that offers great scope for MBA (Agri business).

Friday, 24 April 2015

Big Data will create Big Jobs by 2020

Big Data will create Big Jobs by 2020

Looking for a course in Computer Science? Consider Big Data & Data analytics– hot areas that IT companies may recruit people by 2020, says the popular International magazine Forbes.

There is a growing demand of skills on big data and analytics mixed with business and management education. Consulting firm McKinsey estimates that India alone would need 2 lakh data scientists in the next few years, whereas US would require 20 lacs Big Data professionals in next 4 years. Chandigarh University offers a unique opportunity to students who wish to undertake Computer Science Engineering at UG/PG level with specialization in Big Data & Data Analytics for which Admission 2015 has started.
Reason for Increase in Demand for Big Data Experts in coming years

Data explosion
Analytics professionals and data scientists will be most sought after as digital data is growing exponentially. The rate of explosion of data from India will be double that of the world average in coming years. With the rising popularity of big data, firms dealing in Insurance, Banking, Travel & Tourism Industry would require more & more Data analytics professionals and data scientists to create a competitive edge.

India will remain the preferred destination for Big Data & analytics outsourcing compared with the Philippines and China. Unlike BPOs, analytics requires are not easily available in those countries. India’s analytics talent pool will be in high demand because of their process expertise and English language proficiency which means that passing out engineers in the field of Big Data from India would have plenty of job opportunities. Salaries in the analytics industry have been increasing faster than the average for the last 10 years. This trend will continue in 2014 as well.

Entry level salary

The entry level annual salary for data analytics professional is Rs. 6-9 lakh while it is Rs. 5-8 lakh for big data professionals. These could be higher depending on experience and skills, the academy said.

Online job portals like and too feel that data analytics and cloud computing will be the top picks in 2014.

India is poised to surpass US in terms of number of Internet users and with a rapid penetration of mobile devices, we can expect huge demand in the sectors such as Internet, mobile application development, social and digital media experts, he said.

Chandigarh University, in collaboration with IBM, has become the first university in North India to design a program in Big Data for engineering students and professionals
. The program has been cultivated under the guidance of IBM, and the program has been introduced as the modern IT sector has a surging employment potential for professionals in this field.  

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kedge Business school France

Chandigarh University continues the zenith of global exposure. French institution kedge business school's representatives visit Chandigarh University. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Short Term Course of Instructional Planning at UIC

Short Term Course of Instructional Planning @ UIC

 University Institute of Computing organized a Short Term Course on Instructional Planning from 13th- April 2015 – 17th- April 2015in lab 602, block 4.  The best teacher-preparation programs emphasize subject-matter mastery and provide many opportunities for student teachers to spend time in real classrooms under the supervision of an experienced mentor. Just as professionals in medicine, architecture, and law have opportunities to learn through examining case studies, learning best practices, and participating in internships, exemplary teacher-preparation programs allow teacher candidates the time to apply their learning of theory in the context of teaching in a real classroom.This short term course was designed for teachers to enhance their skills and to make them follow a module which is student friendly and helps to create a better learning environment through which students will be able to imbibe theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge.


As per the instructional planning, online sessions were conducted in UIC from 13th April 2015 – 17th April 2015 by the faculty members of National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chandigarh.

As per the designed module, each day was divided into three sessions where eminent professors delivered lectures which covered various aspects of teaching methodology.

(i)                 Dr P K Tulsi gave introduction to the course and learning and principles of learning and delivered lectures on writing instructional objectives, Task on task analysis and Instructional objectives.

(ii)               Dr T N Thukral delivered lectures on Understanding learners, Task on learning styles and Classroom management.

(iii)             Dr S Dutt delivered lectures on Task analysis, Instructional objectives and Lesson planning.

(iv)             Dr S P Bedi delivered lectures on Instructional methods: Case study and brainstorming, Student evaluation techniques and presentation by participants where the presentation skills of the teachers were analyzed.

On the final day of the course a valediction ceremony was held where Dr S S Sehgal, Dean Research, Chandigarh University was invited as the chief guest. He awarded certificates to the teachers who had actively participated in the courses held by NITTTR in the month of November and December.  Dr Sehgal interacted with Dr Punia, Director NITTR and Dr P K Tulsi who mentored our teachers throughout the course. Dr Sehgal discussed the various methods which can be adopted in teaching in order to make it competent at the global level.

This designed course has proved extremely beneficial for the faculty members as it helped them to have an individual analysis of their teaching methodology and further it provided them a platform to improve themselves.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Windows Azure 3 Day Training Course

Windows Azure 3 day training course

Duration: 3 days

Objective of course: Driving awareness and learning for students on Microsoft Azure


a.      Virtual Machines

 An Azure virtual machine gives you the flexibility of virtualization without spending the time and money to buy and maintain the hardware that hosts the virtual machine. However, you do need to maintain the virtual machine - configuring, patching, and maintaining the operating system and any other software that runs on the virtual machine.

b.      Websites
Azure App Service lets developers rapidly build, deploy and manage powerful websites and web apps. Build standards-based web apps and APIs using .NET, NodeJS, PHP, Python, and Java. Deliver both web and mobile apps for employees or customers using a single back-end. Securely deliver APIs enabling additional apps and devices.

c.       Data & Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage is a massively scalable, highly available, and elastic cloud storage solution that empowers developers and IT professionals to build large-scale modern applications. Azure Storage is accessible from anywhere in the world, from any type of application, whether it’s running in the cloud, on the desktop, on an on-premises server, or on a mobile or tablet device. For an overview of Azure Storage

d.      Remote App

Azure RemoteApp brings the functionality of the on-premises Microsoft RemoteApp program, backed by Remote Desktop Services, to Azure. Azure RemoteApp helps you provide secure, remote access to applications from many different user devices.

When you move RemoteApp to Azure, you get to take advantage of the storage, scalability, and global reach of Azure without having to worry about a complex on-premises configuration. Microsoft provides maintenance of Azure, ensuring its reliability, freeing you up to focus on more important issues, like creating the best apps for your business to use. Another advantage of Azure RemoteApp is the accessibility - your users can access RemoteApp programs from Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android devices. They can use your apps in the environment they prefer, while you use the Azure management portal to manage those apps.

e.       Machine Learning Studio

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio is a collaborative visual development environment that enables you to build, test, and deploy predictive analytics solutions that operate on your data. The Machine Learning service and development environment is cloud-based, provides compute resource and memory flexibility, and eliminates setup and installation concerns because you work through your web browser.

Machine Learning Studio is where data science, predictive analytics, cloud resources, and your data meet!

f.       Mobile Services

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services is a Azure service offering designed to make it easy to create highly-functional mobile apps using Azure. Mobile Services brings together a set of Azure services that enable backend capabilities for your apps. Mobile Services provides the following backend capabilities in Azure to support your apps

For Registrations Call @: 8288094332(Head: UIC) & 9872181753(Faculty Coordinator)

Faculty Mentor:   (i)  Mr.Gurpreet Singh

                                  Head: UIC

                                  Microsoft Certified Professional

                           (ii) Mr. A.P Gupta, Asst.Prof UIC

                                Microsoft Certified Professional

Note: Course is free of Cost.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Chandigarh university signs MOU with Spanish University

Going global is one step ahead towards providing the best to our young minds. Chandigarh University (CU) signed MOU with UNIVERSITAT ROVIRA I VIRGiLI (Spanish university) . As diversity holds the beauty and strength.

Chandigarh university Promotes Road Safety through Road Show

Intelligence with character are the key qualities of our education. We harvest social responsibilities in students. Here is the video of a road show organized by Chandigarh University to promote road safety.

Promotional visit of Hockey Team Punjab warriors to Chandigarh university

Education for us is not just to fill student’s mind like a vessel, we believe in kindling the fire within. Here are some igniting moments of our students with the team of Punjab Warriors (HIL). 

Sandeep Singh and Jamie Dwyer enjoying bhangra  moves with students on stage

Monday, 6 April 2015

Instructional Delivery Short Term Course

The University Institute of Computing in Collaboration with NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teacher Training and Research-Chandigarh) is conducting 05 Days Short Term Course on "INSTRUCTIONAL PLANNING".

For Registrations Contact: 
                                       (i) Head UIC : 8288094332
                                       (ii) Ms.Kulvir Kaur (Coordinator-STC): 8146651623

Venue: Lab: 703, Acad.Block:04,Level:07

Note: Seats are Limited.

 Last Date of Registration: 10-April-2015         

Day/ Date
Session III
Introduction to the course &
Learning & Principles of Learning

Understanding Learners

TN Thukral
Task on Learning Styles

TN Thukral
Task Analysis


Writing Instructional objectives

Task on Task Analysis & Instructional Objectives: Presentations by participants

Instructional Methods: Project Work

PK Singla
Task on Project work: Presentation by participants

Instructional Methods: Case Study & Brainstorming

Student Evaluation & Evaluation Techniques
SP Bedi
Classroom Management

TN Thukral
Lesson Planning

S Dutt
Presentation by Participants


Course Evaluation & valediction