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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Global Acquisitions paving way for Great Careers

Tech Mahindra recently made headlines for its largest overseas acquisition. India’s fifth-largest IT services company is set to acquire Virginia; a US based Lightbridge Communications Corporation (LCC) for $240 million, which is close to 1400 crore rupees.
Tech Mahindra IMS Academy at Chandigarh University

Founded in 1983, LCC is one of the leading providers of network engineering services to the telecommunication industry. With over $400 million in annual revenues and over 5700 employees in 50 countries, the company provides technical services in areas that include LTE, Wimax, Edge, and CDMA for the largest wireless operators in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. LCC has a strong customer base in AT&T, Clearwire, LightSquared, Sprint, and Verizon.

With acquisitions amounting to seven, this move by Tech Mahindra is the biggest in financial terms. Earlier, it acquired Satyam Computer for $605 million in 2009, and eventually merged it with itself last year. Tech Mahindra currently enjoys the service of over 95,000 employees and the employee mark is set to cross 1 lakh with this new merger.

Tech Mahindra clocked the $900 million dollar mark earlier this year in its September quarter, and is running with an objective of achieving $1 billion in the next quarter following this humungous acquisition. Tech Mahindra aims to achieve revenue of $5 billion by the end of 2106 fiscal. Quoting Shashi Bhusan, analyst at brokerage firm Prabhudas Lilladher, “"We see this acquisition as a positive as Tech Mahindra continues to strengthen its forte (of telecom).”

Sarabjit Kour Nangra, VP (research - IT), Angel Broking, said that given Tech Mahindra's success in turning around Satyam, it should be able to do the same with this acquisition and would get close to 20% levels.

The acquisition is going to help Tech Mahindra address a rapidly growing market opportunity as telecom companies and enterprises are set to accelerate their network upgrades in a dynamic telecommunications technology landscape.

Quoting the executive vice-chairman of the company,

"This partnership is another significant step towards the globalization of Tech Mahindra as we welcome a diverse workforce of over 5,000 network professionals across five continents and more than 50 countries. We expect network services to be a major growth engine for our organization.”

Optimistic about the move, CEO of Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnami was quoted saying that the company would now be the largest and most comprehensive provider of technology services to communications service providers in the world. 

"Over three decades, LCC has grown to become the largest independent provider of wireless engineering services. Bringing LCC into Tech Mahindra will create the industry's largest network engineering, deployment, and managed services organization," said Kenneth Young, CEO of LCC.

Chandigarh University is proud to have established collaboration with Tech Mahindra. North India's First Tech Mahindra Lab - IMS Academy for IT Infrastructure Management Services Training has been established at Chandigarh University. The alliance has contributed to the learning process of young curious minds and gives the technical infrastructure of the university an edge. The alliance also promises employment opportunities for young graduates in various engineering fields.

Chandigarh University and Tech Mahindra share an alliance that sprouts knowledge and wisdom and are striving hard for the benefit of local and global communities.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Importance of Emerging Technologies

Computing programs all over the world have progressed rapidly over the past few years in terms of processing strength, feasibility, dependency, and user reach. There was a time in the late 1960s when students at MIT were using a complex set up to send simple one line messages to their peers across the United States of America. Decades of evolution passed, and today, almost 50 years later, we are standing on the threshold of something new and gigantic. Emerging computing technologies are
changing the way we work, we govern, and most importantly the way we think.

Importance of Emerging Technologies - Chandigarh University

Universities across the world are streamlining their online process, making it easier for students and faculty members to share and pool in their resources. The emergence of cloud computing has been significant in the complementing this approach. Cloud computing uses a huge data cloud, with a memory equivalent to many thousand hard-disks put together. The emergence of cloud computing is going to benefit the casual computer user and a professional on the whole. Shared resources are going to initiate a revolution in online gaming. Gone are the days of bugs and errors as better and wider connectivity through cloud would lead to fixing of errors quickly. Licensed software programs would take a backseat as the more and more open source programs would pave way for efficient computing programs. Young entrepreneurs would be able to shape up their local businesses on an extensive level by taking it to a global population.

The advent of so-called "big data" means that companies, governments and organizations can collect, interpret and wield huge stores of data to an amazing breadth of ends. The emergence of big data has transformed the world of data into a deadly weapon for companies to manipulate. Large amounts of unaccounted data roam the cyberspace today. However, the same technology has been put to intelligent use by scientists and researchers all over the world, using huge data sums to study the
changing patterns in our climate and proposing adequate changes for governments all across the globe.

With huge amounts of data, comes huge amount of responsibility, and this is where data security comes into play. Companies are investing heavily in data security so as to safeguard themselves from cyber attacks that can potentially harm their customers and clients. Data security involves setting up of complex computing systems that enable users to process huge amount of data through filters, thus avoiding the presence of any malware.
Chandigarh University Expert Talk

Chandigarh University recognizes the importance of these emerging technologies, and therefore, customized programs have been designed in this field for engineering and management students. As a pioneer in these programs, Chandigarh University believes in exposing its curious student population to computing systems that are going to pave way for a globalized world. Collaborating with IBM, CU has crafted the following programs:-
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honors.)(CSE) with Specialization in Cloud based Applications in association with IBM
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honors.) (CSE) with Specialization in Big Data & Analytics in association with IBM 
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honors.)(CSE) with Specialization in Information Security in association with IBM
  • MBA in Business Analytics in association with IBM
The benefit of these programs is that creates an educational medium between students and emerging computing trends all over the world. As the leading university of North India, Chandigarh University has always believed in harnessing the curiosity inside young minds to create better tomorrow for local and global communities.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

UK companies keen to invest in India

UK companies keen to invest in India: UK MP Verinder Sharma 

Britain keen to strengthen cultural and business ties with India 

Indian origin British MP Verinder Sharma on a special visit to India to attend International Conference on Cyber Security during his visit to Punjab also visited the campus of Chandigarh University, Gharuan. While interacting with the academic team of University, the MP said that Britain is very keen to strengthen its ties with India through Mutual Corporation in the field of Education, Research and Investment.

UK Companies Keen to Invest in India - UK MP

The UK MP took keen interest in the Research projects developed by students of Chandigarh University like Moon-buggy, Asia’s winner of Annual NASA Race and National award winner Human Power Vehicle (HPV). The British MP applauded the efforts of students who have made Punjab proud of their achievement by winning the NASA competition.

UK Government is very keen to work with Indian Universities and this is the reason why we always encourage student exchange programs said Mr. Verinder Sharma. He added that students become state ambassadors while visiting other countries and learn its features and culture which can be put-to-practice to improve each countries education system.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Inside The Tiny Little Cylinder of Laptop Charger

We live in an age of personal computers and rapidly developing handset technology. As the population of a developing nation, we all have had our tryst with technology in different ways. While most of us have been left fascinated by the power that a device as small as our handset contains, a major part of our population is still playing the catch up game with other systems of conventional computing, signaling the rise of curious PC users in India. 

As laptop users, we all have been mesmerized by the fact that we can reach out to the world with our laptops. Sitting in a coffee shop, airport, outside our classrooms, or in the comfort of an open air lounge, there is nothing we cannot achieve using a laptop. All we need is a power source coupled with a dongle, and we are good to go. However, there are certain questions that pertains the young user about laptops, and one of them involves a tiny cylinder across a small part of our charging wire.

Scientifically speaking, that little cylinder is a passive electrical device that helps to isolate the laptop from electromagnetic noise, either from waves picked up by the wire (which acts like an unintentional antenna) or from existing noise in the upstream AC line or AC-DC converter. Although it is not necessary in everyday usage, it allows the laptop to pass FCC tests for being able to accept a certain amount of environmental EM noise.

To put it in a general manner, the wire that is used to charge our laptop carries enough electrical energy inside it to generate radio energy around it. The phenomenon is similar to the working of antenna that sends and receives signals by harnessing electrical energy and converting it into radio energy.

Now, imagine you are running late with a presentation, and you want your laptop device to be charged completely. Anxious, you connect it with a power source, but instead of charging your device, your battery engages itself in sending and receiving signals from its electromagnetic vicinity. The consequences would involve you being late, and your device taking a huge amount of time to charge itself.
Ferric Inside Tiny Cylinder
Hence, these ferrite beads or ferrite chokes (as they are called) help increase the power efficiency of your computing systems, making their presence impeccably relevant to your work.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Wipro bets on Data Security as Emerging Business Opportunity

Technology Chandigarh University
Big Data is all set to revolutionize computing in the following decades as organizations all over the globe are approaching the threshold where large amount of data shall be required to be processed and evaluated using complex computing programs. However, not all computing systems are equipped to support these complex software programs and this is where Big Data comes into play.

Leading multinational giant, Wipro, is betting on data security as an emerging business opportunity for business houses across the globe. As pioneer research analyst firm, Gartner has predicted that the global security technology and services market shall exceed to $86 billion dollars in 2016, jumping from $67.2 billion dollars last year.
Data Security as Emerging Business Opportunity - Chandigarh University

Quoting the chief financial officer of Wipro’s IT business, HT reported that enterprise security for the IT infrastructure of companies had emerged as a promising venture of business, and the growth is rapid on the consumer front.

Companies all over the world today are faced with the immediate threat of data loss through malicious software programmes that result in huge financial losses.  With the presence of big data, better security lines are projected to be achieved so as to protect the confidentiality of the data that rests with multinationals all over the globe.

Reporting further, HT concluded how companies were making huge profits by offering security products, system integration units, and upgrades to help companies with data security. With the online cyber-world consistently under the threat of virus attacks, these companies have all reasons to bet high on data security systems that inculcate big data.

Security breach is not a headache for multinationals alone, but for various small entrepreneur ventures that are coming up in the country. Headed by young graduates who employ the big data technology on a relatively smaller level in their businesses, companies are persisting hard to offer them lucrative security products.

Moving ahead of times, Chandigarh University has introduced a four year programme in Big Data and Analytics in association with IBM. The centralized programs focus on making students aware about the emerging technologies that are going to shape the computing future of 21st century.

As the Big-Data technology approaches a new threshold with each financial year, companies are looking to recruit open source technologists who can assist them with security integration in their big data systems.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

AutoCAD Drawing and Quiz Contest

AutoCAD Drawing and Quiz Contest - Chandigarh University
AutoCAD Drawing and Quiz Contest

This is to inform that The CAD MAD-CLUB of Chandigarh University is going to organize AUTO CAD drawing and QUIZ Contest to all the students of Physics group.

Interested students can contact to Er. Sushant Sindhi   (9988444397 - Room No 308) by 17/11/2014.

Date: 19/11/2014
Venue: AutoCAD Lab 307, 407
Time: 2:30 PM
Title: CAD MASTER 2014

General Instruction: Participants will be required to draw one 2D AutoCAD drawing and attempt 10 Objective type questions related to AutoCAD in maximum 45 min. There is No negative marking.

Certificates will be given to first 3 winners.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

CU Theater Evening Rangmanch

Theater Evening - RangManch (Chandigarh University)

This is to inform you that “RANGMANCH” a theater evening is going to be organized by Theater Club on 19th Nov, 2014 on Main Stage 4:30 pm onwards to promote the performing arts towards in the youth. At this precious occasion a one act play named “NAAGMANDAL” based on the novel of famous Indian writer Mr. GIRISH KARNAD will be performed by Chandigarh University’s students and Punjabi folk dance Bhangra, classical instrumental, classical singing and mime events will be also performed.

You are cordially invited for this special event.

For more queries contact:-

(Cultural Coordinator)-8146651650

SERAJ ALI – 9876793684
VAIBHAV KELAY - 8427315551

Monday, 3 November 2014

Youth Parliament

Chandigarh University (CU) Youth Parliament

This is to inform you that “Youth Parliament” is going to be organized by Literary Club  “Abhivayakti” on 18th  of Nov, 2014 at Auditorium,  Block -5 at 11:00 am onwards.  All interested students are required to register by 15th of Nov, 2014.

Venue for registrations:- Music Room, Academic block 6 (Ground level, 2nd entrance  of block 6).

1.    There will be two rounds for the participants. First round will be JAM session and second will be debate.
2.    Only Hindi and English languages are allowed.
3.    Any direct criticism is not allowed. Doing so will lead to disqualification.
4.    Vulgarity and use of unparliamentarily language is not allowed.
5.    Points will be given on the basis of content and presentation.
6.    The Judges decision will be final.

For more queries contact:-
(Cultural Coordinator)-8146651650
SERAJ ALI – 9876793684
VAIBHAV KELAY - 8427315551

How to Become a Successful Engineering Student

If you are a student of engineering, below are few tips to put yourself on the fast track to success:-

Become Successful Engineering Student

Identify the people who encourage you, and find out what makes them tick 
Identify what helped the people who encourage you and their companies to become so successful. Then follow their good qualities in your personal, scholastic, and professional life.

Develop a Portfolio of Projects 
Participate in every experiential knowledge prospect that a balanced schedule allows. This way, you'll have something exceptional to show a potential employer when you graduate, while other students will only be able to list their courses.

Understand the significance of Networking 
When it comes to being a leader, whom you know is nearly as important as what you know. Attend lectures on your campus and introduce yourself to the speakers.

Social Channels
You can use LinkedIn or other social media channels to connect online to grow your personal and professional network.

Work in Teams
Whether it's creating a software, participating in a game, or writing for the University or college, get involved with an institute that requires a team effort to produce successful results. Throughout your career, you can be sure you'll work in teams, and the skills you develop in your college will help prepare you to lead teams when you graduate.

Find your weaknesses and fix them
Leadership always needs constant improvement. When you are part of a team, try to generate a way to get feedback from team members, and professors. When you have solid feedback, work on them to improve your skills and leadership.

Also learn how to accept and give constructive disapproval. That's absolutely necessary for your future career.

Take a Business Class
As an engineer, it's not sufficient for you to be technically expert; you need to have business understanding. Also know how to negotiate contracts, and be familiar with the numerous other functions that every top engineer needs to know.

Make your Summers Prolific
Employers place incredible value on practical experience. Pursue internship opportunities actively and early in your academic career and use the internships to build your portfolio of actual projects/products. New graduates who can show a commitment to using their summer to continue to learn are always viewed more seriously by a potential employer.

Recruit and Develop your Personal Board of Directors
As an undergraduate, you might feel alone when challenged with tough decisions about the courses to take, jobs to apply for, or even balancing college or school work and your personal life. You won't feel alone if you establish an own board of directors just for you. Just as a company has a board that directors the organization, you can stock your board with professionals from organizations and companies, as well as former teachers and knowledgeable family friends.